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I found quite a lot of useful info & some new laundry loves –
{which I just had to share}…

Washing your clothes just got a whole lot smarter. Washing machines are pretty-much thinking for themselves, making doing your laundry so much easier and quicker – and that includes delicates you only usually hand-wash. Fisher & Paykel’s range of SmartDrive™ washing machines actually takes care of your clothes, making them look better, and last, longer.

I asked  Anna Duncan, Laundry Product Developer at Fisher & Paykel for her insider washing tips and machine advice… here’s what she said:

trust your washing machine

You’ve got an smart phone, welcome to the smart washing machine. Now there’s a cycle for most of the fabrics in your wardrobe, with washers able to adapt to a variety of loads. Fisher & Paykel’s SmartDrive™ technology provides continuous feedback on what is happening within the wash, meaning that the wash action continuously adapts to the fabrics and items in the wash.

Even delicate woollens are safe – so don’t go rushing off to your drycleaner. Fisher & Paykel’s FabricSmart™ Front Loaders feature a special Woolmark-approved wool cycle that jiggles rather than tumbling clothes, meaning it is gentler on your precious woollen garments.

The sports cycle in FabricSmart™ Front Loaders starts washing with cold water then gently heats up as the wash progresses to stop mud and stains from setting into the fabric.

Insider tip: Look for a washing machine with a high spin speed of at least 1000 rpm as residual water held in fabric can lead to deterioration. Higher spin speed extract water and reduce drying time without being overly abrasive on your clothes. All Fisher & Paykel Front Load and Top Load washing machines have a minimum spin speed of at least 1000 rpm.

time it right

Insider tips: If possible, time your washing to finish at the time you are able to hang up or dry your load immediately. Using the timer function on your washing machine will save your fabrics from dye transfer, with the added bonus of less ironing if you hang up clothes straight away. Ironing can be tough on fabrics due to the high heat, so if you have to iron your clothes less it will help prolong the life of fabric. Take the time to shake out clothes straight out of the dryer – reshaping them rather than folding and putting straight into a basket. All Fisher & Paykel Front Loaders have an easy iron cycle that reduces the spin speed and washes at a cooler temperature to minimise creasing.

laundry loves

washing and drying delicates

Most clothing items labelled as delicate, dry clean only or hand wash can safely be put in your washing machine and dryer. Reference the care label, and look for the recommended water temperature – and make sure this matches the temperature on your delicate wash cycle.

Using a gentle washing detergent, or even a small amount of regular detergent should not harm your fabrics. Separate any small delicates such as lingerie in a wash bag, with a few additional items in the drum to balance the load. To reduce ironing for delicates such as silk shirts, use a slower spin cycle and hang as soon as you take your load out of washing machine or dryer.

Use a lower temperature and a drying rack when drying clothes made from finer fabrics – as some items are just too precious to tumble. All Fisher & Paykel Condensing Dryers and 6.0 kg vented models come with a drying rack, perfect for woollens and delicates. The 8.0kg Heat Pump Condenser Dryer also has a speciality delicate cycle that reduces tumble speed to care for more fragile items.

Sensing dryers are better for your fabrics because they turn off automatically when clothes are dry, protecting your clothes from over drying which can be harsh on fabrics. Auto-sensing technology featured in Fisher & Paykel’s dryers automatically senses the moisture inside the drum, shutting off at the optimal level so your clothes don’t over dry – helping your clothes last longer and reducing energy wastage.


doonas & blankets

Wash your doonas and blankets on your delicate cycle with a gentle washing detergent. If you’re washing wool, be sure to wash using an approved wool cycle. Always balance your large items – you will need a large towel to balance a blanket. Insider tip: If you want to dry your doona in the dryer (always a handy option when winter is particularly miserable), place a knotted towel in the dryer to help fluff it up and place on a delicate cycle.

our top 5 laundry faves


1. FISHER & PAYKEL FabricSmart™ 8.0 kg, $1,299: The FabricSmart™ Front Loader is Fisher & Paykel’s ultimate washing machine for fabric care. With outstanding water and energy efficiency, and premium features like an Interior light, Time Saver Option, Soak and a Woolmark approved Wool cycle. It is designed to match both vented or condensing dryers. CLICK here for more details & where to buy

2. HOWARDS STORAGE BRABANTIA 24M WALL MOUNT CLOTHES LINE – $399: This genius pull out clothes line with 24m of drying line, opens and closes effortlessly out of the way. Outer lines are 120cm long and suitable for larger items. When closed, you can attach the cover (included) to protect the drying lines. CLICK for more details & to buy online

3. HOWARDS STORAGE TWO WHEEL AIRER 18M DRYING SPACE – $109: A good quality airer will save you money, time and lighten the load on the environment; enter the Two Wheel Airer with18m Drying Space. Exclusive to Howards, this airer has two wheels for easy mobility and thanks to its smart long design, it’s ideal for drying larger items of clothing or even sheets. Featuring plastic feet for protecting your floors this handy airer also has two long arms with more lines that fold out to create additional hanging room. Ideal for those with restricted storage space, this airer is complete with an impressive 18m of drying line and compacts flat for easy storage. CLICK for more details & to buy online

4. COUNTRY ROAD SIGRID LARGE BAG – $64.95: Loving this Sigrid storage bag made from washable paper – it’s the perfect non-hamper, hamper, for your laundry! CLICK here for details & to buy online

5. RESPARKLE NATURAL LAUNDRY POWDER AND RESPARKLE ORGANIC LAUNDRY LIQUID: Resparkle is Australian made and the ingredients are 100 percent natural and certified organic – so perfect for sensitive skin. The natural ingredients mean their Natural Laundry Powder, $13, deep cleans and is tough on stains and kills bacteria and odours. And the Organic Laundry Liquid, $11.60, is gentle on delicate garments yet tough on stains and marks. CLICK here for more details & to buy online.

+ stay tuned for more of my Laundry Renovation updates!

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