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monday moves: the super-easy 5-minute COUCH WORKOUT

Nikki Yazxhi

super-easy 5-minute couch workout


by Nicole Winhoffer, trainer to Rachel Weisz…

“This year I’m telling clients to use their couch for an easy workout. These moves hit all the problem areas—arms, legs, butt. Just have your favourite five-minute song ready:
I like ‘What Now (R3HAB Remix),’ by Rihanna.”
Here’s the workout:
Step-Ups {for legs + glutes}: Step right foot onto couch, followed by left. Step down, leading with your right foot.
Do 16 times on each side.
Side Lift {for side abs + arms}: Lie on your right side. Place feet on the couch and rise to a side plank on your right forearm. Draw your left leg into a bent-knee shape, then extend and kick up toward the ceiling. Return to start position. Do 16 times on each side.
Plank Kick {for low abs + butt}: Get on all fours, facing away from the couch, then extend your left foot behind you and rest it on the couch. Lift your right knee off the ground and kick out your leg to the side. Bring right knee back to the floor. Do 16 times on each side.
{The pic above is post-workout – ha!}
{Source: Glamour}


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