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the secret to RAISING HAPPY KIDS – part 4

Nikki Yazxhi

PART 4 OF MY STORY in which I spoke to parenting guru Michael Grose to get his no-nonsense {makes sense} parenting advice!

Here’s the 4th {of 6} key elements he believes will help you to raise happy, confident, well-behaved children…

“Around one in 10 children struggle with anxiety and nearly fifty percent of adult sufferers identify that anxiety began in childhood,” says Grose. “Most kids, like adults, experience some anxious moments or have fearful thoughts and feelings from time to time. These thoughts and feelings prompt them to proceed with caution rather than rush in where angels fear to tread. But anxiety and fear can be paralysing and some kids simply can’t stop their ‘bad thoughts and feelings’. They can’t silence the voice of fear that whispers to them continually.”

“It’s important to remember anxiety is a normal part of life and it can be managed,” he says. “You should also recognise it takes time to manage anxiety and understand it can’t be solved in one conversation.”

how to help children overcome anxious moments:
* Anxiety is contagious. Parents and children can feed each other’s anxieties. So it’s the job of parents to stay calm, think clearly and role model confidence when kids get anxious.

* When your child becomes anxious create calmness through your words, voice and facial expression.

{Michael Grose is one of Australia’s most popular writers and speakers on parenting and family matters. He’s written six books, including the best-selling Why First Borns Rule The World And Last Borns Want To Change It ~ and he educates both parents and teachers around the world on how to raise happy, well-adjusted kids and resilient teenagers – check out his blog HERE}

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