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Felicity Bonello

our style + travel contributor, Felicity Bonello travelled with her bestie {Justine, editor of Jones magazine} and shares all their new NYC faves…


Forever on the forefront of all that’s new, New York continues to define and refine across hospitality, art, fashion and technology. Of course it’s not all ‘out with the old, in with the new’; the well-trodden path of classic New York adventures is indelibly great, but this gritty city in all its glamour and wonder has a few new places to sleep, dine, shop and peruse – and if you’re planning a trip abroad, you need to put these places on your hotlist…

STAY: The Edition

Conceived by renowned entrepreneur Ian Schrager, in partnership with Marriott International, the NY branch of the Edition brand seriously delivers. Developed within the Flatiron District, The Edition wraps simplicity, luxury, glamour, technological trappings and the right amount of restraint in a tight à la mode bow. There’s no attitude when you enter the lobby, but the lobby-socializing crowd is cool. And while the décor is sleek and sophisticated, you immediately feel like you belong. Star spotting is all but guaranteed (in an understated “I’m not looking but I’m totally looking at Victoria Beckham” kind of way).

SHOP: Best Made

Whether you’re travelling for work or play, you’re going to need to buy something for your boo. Once upon a time, it was all about Saturdays, which by all accounts is still a great shopping destination. In 2017 though, head straight to Best Made. The ultimate can’t-go-wrong-gift-store, Best Made is the original cool camp shop, and it picks up right where Saturdays left off… They’ll all about reconnecting with the land, using bespoke tools and they sell everything from incredible individually numbered and hand packed axes, to duffle bags, blankets, camping accessories, flashlights, enamelled mugs, elk skin ropers, longbows and that’s not even the half of it. It’s one thing to scour their online shop, but walk into their store and you’ll well and truly appreciate the origins of the new school woodsman and his beard.

A quintessential New York vista at every turn

EAT: It’s a fickle old restaurateur realm out there in New York City. Food trends are known to come and go. If you’re after interesting and generally excellent food there’s a lot on offer in this food-mad town and these are just a few eateries you have to weave into your itinerary…

NYC_The Polo Bar

Located just off Fifth Avenue beneath Mr Laurens flagship New York store, The Polo Bar {above} epitomizes the new old school. Standing brand firm, every single interior detail within The Polo Bar looks like it’s been plucked straight from a Ralph Lauren photo shoot. Think perfect low lighting, buttery caramel leather bench seating, oversized mirrors, an excess of polo inspired artwork (literally 368 horses between paintings and various sculptures), mahogany paneling on the ceiling, tartan napkin and cushion accents, dark green walls. You get the gist. Since its inception in 2015 it’s been enjoyed by fashionistas, celebs and influential types, but don’t be overwhelmed. Make a reservation, don your best high heels, grab your travelling buddy and get set for an exceptional meal; because the food is damn good too.

Hot-freshly-made-mozzarella, Carbonne alone is worth the trip

Set in Thompson Street in Greenwich Village, Carbone {above} is like some kind of carbohydrate and protein elixir. Mid-century red-sauce Italian-American fine-dining at its best, the theatrics of this place are something to write home about. The menu, the waiters, the décor, the music; all of it conjures up a feeling of a lively night downtown circa 1950s. Representing one of many restaurants developed by the Major Food Group (led by Mario Carbone, Rich Torrisi and Jeff Zalaznick), Carbone pays homage to the past; so much so, you’d be forgiven for thinking The Godfather was out the back tucking into some Spaghetti Laurita with meatballs. Carbone delivers. Oh does it deliver. My advice? Wear your stretchy pants and dig in.

Calling all vegans and vegetarians. As of March 2016, Nix, a casual vegetarian restaurant from Michelin-starred chef John Fraser and former Conde Nast editorial director James Truman opened its doors in University Place to rave reviews. This understated downtown scene offers affordable and seasonal dishes, (we’re talking wok roasted cucumbers, jerk spices, kumquats, house-made naan with dips, cauliflower tempura, and overnight clay oven-baked beets). Nix gets the mix bang on, and amongst New York’s vegan-saturated market that’s no easy feat. The vibe? Modern, spacious and comfortable, here you’ll find a real blend of folk.

NYC_Lobster Rolls

Side Note: Ok it’s not new, but it wouldn’t be a trip to New York without a Red Hook Lobster Roll (Maine style) coupled with donut from Dough and a Mimosa at The Brooklyn Flea markets for Sunday brunch. Do yourself a favour and savour that lobster roll because there’s nothing quite like it back here. Trust me, I’ve searched, tried to recreate it and failed.


GET MOVING: For the die-hard exercise-even-when-on-holiday types, New York offers more than Soul Cycle and bicycle rides through Central Park (NB: still both fun New York experiences that should be enjoyed).

If you’re after some sweat dripping exercise, look no further than Y7 Studio, because in NYC, it’s all about infrared yoga. The deeply penetrating infrared heat warms your body from the inside out; it amps up your workout and will have you detoxing like crazy. You’ll sweat for sure. Be prepared to sweat. But this renowned studio thoughtfully replaces mirrors with candlelight so you can focus on your practice (and your neighbour, on theirs). And better yet? Forget chimes and ommms. Y7 offers slow yoga to hip-hop music because frankly there’s nothing quite like sweating up an infrared yoga storm to gangsta rap.


Nothing beats an NYC girls trip…


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