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the A to Z of {must-read} LIFE lessons

Nikki Yazxhi

life lessons


which is what got Lisa from Lisa and Mini Ginger thinking! She wanted go beyond the letters and into the values and traits she aims to teach her Mini G by example.
{How gorgeous is that?}

Which is why I asked her if I could re-blog her beauty-full alphabet of life  {she said yes} – and here it is:
A: authenticity – be real, be yourself, speak your truth.
B: beauty – is everywhere, we need to open our hearts and our minds to find it!
C: compassion – take the time to care for others, ask how someone is and listen.
D: daring – be brave, take risks and have adventures!
E: extraordinary – think outside of the ordinary, go above and beyond mediocre!
F: funny – be funny, see the funny, laugh at yourself, don’t take things too seriously.
G: generosity – be generous with your time, your love and your abilities.
H: happy – keep it simple, tune into what gives you butterflies and you will know happy.
I: intuition – listen closely, sit in silence, don’t talk too much and you will truly hear.
J: joy – feel the joy in each and every moment, joy is in everyone, learn to release it.
K: kindness – the simple act of kindness has the power to change lives.
L: love – use the word often, you cannot have too much love, the more the merrier!
M: memories – our most precious gift from one generation to another, share them often.
N: nice – be nice, always, expect nothing in return, feel the inner and outer glow.
O: organised – it really does make life easier, make some lists and break goals down into pieces.
P: passion – discover your passion and follow it, don’t do anything without your passion.
Q: quiet – meditate, remove yourself from the noise of life for at least a few minutes a day.
R: reflect – don’t dwell in the past, simply reflect with an open mind and be gentle on yourself.
S: self care – do at least one thing a day that nurtures YOU.
T: thoughtful – consider others and what you can do to make them feel loved.
U: unique – look for the thing or the person who stands out from the trend.
V: vivid – life is filled with colour, and colour improves our mood, live in full colour!
W: wonder – always look at life through the eyes of a child, see everything as a miracle.
X: xtra – develop a career that is true to your passion and always do that little bit xtra every day.
Y: youthful – the feeling of youthfulness need never fade, hold it tightly in your heart and never let go.
Z: zany – be a little silly, don’t be afraid to be different.
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