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life lessons: take charge OF YOUR EMOTIONS today

Nikki Yazxhi

how to take charge of your emotions


But what would it be like to use those emotions ‘for good’,
rather than allowing them to rule our day

Below are some ideas to help you take charge of your emotions and {hopefully!} choose to focus on the positive aspects of your life.

Here’s how to take charge of today’s emotions:
Emotions are tricking things and, as much as we really do have control over them, it can be hard to admit to this power we have. Choosing how you want to feel – and refusing to let anything (or anyone) stand in your way — you can create the life you want to be living.

Start with today and take it one day at a time and soon choosing your emotional state will become a habit you can’t live without!

1. Figure out how you want to feel. Use the prompts below (and download this worksheet) to figure out how you want to feel today. I’d recommend focusing on the positive. Starting off the day with a positive mindset won’t guarantee a day filled with happy and carefree emotions, but it will improve your chances of making the most of the day.

Today I want to feel….
I choose this emotion because…
I will start today off with this emotion by…
To maintain this feeling, today I will…
I want to look back on the day and feel…

2. Keep at it. Really focus on that “maintain this feeling” question and start off the day with some ideas of how you will keep at it. In every day there will be emotional roadblocks and setbacks. Identify what those might be and focus on ways to control your emotional state during them. Take a moment or two to identify emotional triggers and creatively combat them. (For example: If you know you’re going to hit tons of aggravating traffic on the way to work, download some new songs to keep you inspired or listen to a podcast to entertain you.)

3. Recognise + redirect. Of course choosing an ideal emotional state doesn’t mean we won’t have reactions to situations or events occurring throughout the day. You might start off the day declaring you want to be happy and encounter an unexpected situation that makes you extremely angry. Experience your emotions (a positive attitude doesn’t mean sticking your head in the sand and pretending everything’s just peachy!) so go ahead and feel whatever emotions come your way. Just don’t let them dominate your day. Recognise them and then redirect your attention to how you want to feel.

4. Stay in control. Remember: you’re the one in control of your emotions. It is very tempting to blame other people, situations, or even others’ emotions for the state of how we’re feeling, but ultimately we have the final say over how we feel. Without your consent, no one else can make you feel anything. Sure, they might push your emotions in a certain direction, but you have the final say. When struggling with this, repeat this mantra: “No one can make me feel [angry/sad/upset/annoyed/etc.] without my consent!”

{Source: Positively Present Pic: Pinterest}


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