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summer, the sun & sunscreen – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW

Nikki Yazxhi



which is why we’ve put together the ‘before you go in the sun rules’ Now you have no excuse to get get sunburnt/sun damaged…


5 of the most forgotten places to apply sunscreen

1. Your Eyelids: Ouch, right? Major ouch, especially since the skin in the eye area is normally thin and delicate before it’s exposed to the sun. Choose a sensitive formula and apply gently with your little finger. Protecting this area will also help fight signs of ageing {hello, crows’ feet}. We like Banana Boat Everyday Faces SPF 50+
2. Back of Knees: Did you know legs are the most common site for melanoma in women? So don’t forget to cover everywhere between your hip bone and your toe with your sunscreen, including the back of knees, which often get fried. Why there? Not only are they easy to forget, they are a major sweat zone so sunscreen tends to melts away faster. We like Banana Boat Sport SPF 30+
3. Your Ears: No, seriously: the back, rim, front and even inside of ear are a major must, since they are the third-most common place to get basal cell carcinoma. If you use a spray SPF all over your body, use a cream version and run it over ears whenever you apply. We like Banana Boat Everyday Sensitive SPF 50+
4. Tops of Feet: As we mentioned above, legs are the most common site for melanoma to appear in women – and we often finish slathering our SPF in at our ankles. Get into the habit of applying your sunscreen right down to, and including, your toes! We like Banana Boat Ultra SPF 50+
5. Your Scalp: You can apply your sunscreen to your part, we’d use Banana Boat Sensitive SPF 50+ {which can make your hair greasy but you usually wash it after swimming anyway), or wear a hat – which is probably the best and easiest option!
5 places you forget to apply your sunscreen

sunscreen school

Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancers in the world and yet at least 95% of these cancers are preventable. Sunscreen is one way you can protect yourself, if you follow the guiltiness {it’s not a magic fix}. Here are 5 expert tips on applying your sunscreen correctly…
1. Read the label, use and store as directed: Like medicine, sunscreen is perishable, so it’s always best to store it below 30°C {that means don’t leave it in the car}, keep it out of direct sunlight and check expiry dates.
2. Apply generously: it’s recommended that you use 35ml or seven teaspoons for each application, that means approximately one teaspoon per limb.
3. Always apply 20 minutes before going out in the sun – this means you won’t miss spots and it gives your sunscreen a chance to start working before you get our into the sun.
4. Reapply at least every two hours and after swimming, excessive perspiration or towel drying.
5. Cover up. As well as using sunscreen, you should also wear protective clothing such as a shirt, hat and sunglasses, and also find some shade.

the very-latest in sunscreen skincare

banana boat SunComfort
If one of your pet-hates is sand sticking to you at the beach, we have the very-latest sunscreen news for you…
Banana Boat has created SunComfort – a sunscreen that allows sand to simply brush off your skin even when you’re coated in the sunscreen! SunComfort sunscreen makes applying sunscreen hassle free, it literally glides on, and is formulated with the Banana Boat brand’s highest SPF 50+ sunscreen. It’s also perfect when it comes to reapplying your sunscreen, especially at the beach.
SunComfort is available in supermarkets and pharmacies. It’s available in both clear spray and lotion solutions. For more details, visit www.bananaboat.com.au


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