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answered by our hair guru, Renya Xydis : )

1. What’s you number one summer hair care tip? It’s important during the summer months to keep your hair really hydrated as exposure to too much sun and salt water will leave it dry and can increase hair breakage. If you have coloured hair, in particular blonde hair, watch out for those natural sun highlights! Too much exposure may impact the colour of your hair, increasing the lightness of warmer tones.

2. How do you know if your hair is damaged? One of the easiest ways to tell if your hair is damaged is by feeling its natural texture. If it feels course and dry, it is lacking nourishment and definitely needs some TLC. Another tell-tale sign is to look at the amount of hair breakage you get when brushing.

3. How can we protect our hair from ‘summer’? To protect your hair throughout the summer months, incorporate a sun sensitive product to your daily routine, such as the Wella Professionals Sun Protection Spray. This helps to protect the hair against UV rays whilst also hydrating the hair. I strongly recommend using a hair treatment at least once a week.

4. Is there a hair type that is more susceptible to summer damage? If you already have naturally dry hair, you will be more susceptible to summer damage than those with oily hair. It is important that you are using a moisturising hair treatment as often as you can to help repair and nourish your hair whilst protecting it from further damage.

5. What do recommend using to help combat summer hair damage? Hair oils are definitely a big trend this summer and using them is one of the simplest ways to ensure your hair is getting that little added nourishment on a daily basis.

6. How can we protect our hair when we’re time-poor? If you don’t have time for a weekly mask, hair oils are a great alternative that you can use daily to help nourish your hair.

7. Summer is a big season for travel, how can we look after our hair on planes and can it be affected like our skin is? When your skin feels dry, your first reaction is to treat it with a moisturising cream…treat your hair the same! If you feel it getting a little dry when travelling apply either a hair oil or moisturising spray. These often come in great, travel friendly sizes that are easy to use and small to carry. A quick application of these products can help restore some of the nourishment that can often be lost when exposed to the planes air-con for long periods of time. Keep it simple when travelling, a pony tail or braid is the way to go!

8. Is there something we should resist doing to our hair during summer? Try and avoid applying excess heat to your hair as this will further damage it and leave it feeling dry. If you can, let your hair dry naturally and avoid using a hair dryer, your hair’s natural texture can then be enhanced using a texture spray

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