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Nikki Yazxhi



there are ways, insider ways, that can keep you looking stylish for less

After years of working in magazine and fashion, {and blogging}, I’ve worked out what works for me style-wise and I tend to keep to a select few pieces in my wardrobe. I’ve also worked out that less is more, and the more you can save {when it come to fashion}, the better your wardrobe will be. It about being clever, not crazy, with your cash, especially when your ‘fashion budget’ also includes the kids! {Styling for magazines with budget-conscious fashion editors and editor has taught me well!}


This season ‘my uniform’ {partly pictured, above} loosely consists of: two white classic white shirt; two denim jackets; two leather {long} coats; a blazer; black pants/jeans; a couple of great pairs of denim jeans; two pairs of black boots {suede and leather}; a black leather top; a black turtleneck cashmere top; a grey cashmere jumper; a black lace dress; cashmere scarves; a big bright boho carry-all bag; and a new leather ‘multi-tasking’ fold-over handbag {which I’m loving}.

My wardrobe trancends from day to night, and I mix and match pieces to make them either casual or ‘dressed-up’. To add impact, I always shop for a few new pieces that are a little special to work back with all my basics. I’m always looking for that something that ‘wow’s’, but doesn’t blow out the budget.

Here are my 10 top money-saving tips that I’ve picked up in my travels….

1. ‘PIN’POINT YOUR STYLE: This is not as crazy at it sounds. If you’re on Pinterest, start a ‘my style’ moodboard and start pinning fashion shots that you love. You’ll start to see your ‘style’ develop, which in turn will help you shop for what you really love, and what you’ll really wear.

2. BUILD YOUR BASICS: Have a good wardrobe base, the basics that you can build on. You don’t necessarily have to spend a ‘bomb’ on your basics, just shop wisely and choose the best quality you can realistically afford.

3. SHOP TRENDS CAREFULLY: Trends come and go, and are usually more expensive because they are ‘of the moment’, so try not to go overboard and overspend in this department. Chances are you won’t wear them for more than one season.

4. BUY MULTI-TASKING ACCESSORIES: Like I said above, my wardrobe works for both day and night, casual and dressy. When your shopping for pieces, think about how many ways you can work them back into your wardrobe. Of course not every piece is going to be able to do this, but if you keep it in mind, you’re going to ‘build’ a bigger, more ‘workable’ wardrobe.

5. SHOP OUT OF SEASON: Again, obvious, but worth reminding you. Just like Christmas decorations, once the season is over, out of season fashion prices drop. The perfect time to shop for both basics and classics.

6. CONSIDER TAILORING: If you’re a ‘regular’ size you know that your size, especially when on sale, always sells out first. If there’s a bargain that’s just too amazing to be true, maybe buy a size-up and get it altered to fit you. {NB. Do your sums first, if the altering is going to cost too much, it may not be the bargain you’re looking for!}

7. SHOP ON TUESDAYS: Tuesday is actually the best day to shop online. Yep, statistically, it’s the day that most retailers post sales and have new arrivals.

8. ASK YOURSELF DO YOU REALLY NEED IT: Don’t just buy something on sale just for the sake of it. If you don’t wear it, you’re not saving. On the other hand, if the markdown is and added bonus, definitely buy it. Lucky you!

9. LEARN TO LAUNDER CAREFULLY: This seems pretty obvious, but it’s worth pointing out. If you look after your clothes, they’ll last longer and become some of your favourite classics. That means, taking the time to hand wash your delicates; using a gentle washing liquid; and not throwing everything in the dryer {for obvious reasons!}

10. USE YOUR CREDIT CARD TO IT’S FULL POTENTIAL: American Express is the credit card with added benefits. The new Amex Offers program has the most amazing, unique and discreet ways to save big fashion dollars. There are no vouchers to print. No coupons to collect. You simply register your American Express card, browse, shop and save!

my style-savings this season

IMG_3890I’ve just taken advantage Amex’s Country Road offer and bought this Vicki Fold Over Bag! Love it, it’s a great little multi-tasker. I can wear it with the shoulder strap during the day {top pic}, then remove it and use it as clutch for the evening or dinner dates {left pic}! It’s a win win, because I love it and I saved $20.

All I did was register for the offer, then when I had time shop, I went to the Country Road online and paid for the bag on my Amex – I received a confirmation email and $20 will be credited to my card {I’ll see it on my next statement.} It’s so so easy, no hoops to jump through, no gimmicks, just shopping for what you love.

And this is not the first time I’ve used my Amex card to save money and make my life easier!

{Hand on my heart} Hubbie and I use it all the time, in fact, just over the last 12 months…

* we booked our flights to the US {and got some amazingly cheap rates} and our accommodation through Amex Travel
* we used our AMEX points to book a helicopter flight and tickets to a baseball game in San Francisco
* I called on American Express’ Travel insurance service when Hubbie got food poisoning in Los Angeles – and they organised the Hotel Doctor to come to our hotel {great story, I’ll blog about it another time!}
* I bought our latest Dyson vacuum using AMEX points
* Hubbie and I attended American Express Invitation Only events
& we just bought wine from Langtons.com.au and received $50 credit

+ we always book restaurants and hotels through AMEX concierge – you always get a bit of VIP attention/extras – and on occasion we’ve been upgraded!

Seriously, if you want a credit card that works hard, this is the one!

how you can save on the brands you {and I} love…

If you’re like me, you know that brands/labels that work well for you. You know the quality, the fit and of course, you love their ‘style’. Well, great news: throughout the month of June, American Express Offers is connecting with brands and labels that I’m 100% sure you’ll love, with more expected in the coming months. Brands like Country Road {spend $100 and receive $20 credit}, David Jones {spend $200 and receive $40 credit} and Trenery, {spend $100 and receive $20 credit} are all onboard… and The Iconic has also been a fashion partners with amazing money saving offers.

[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 27209,27203,27205,27204″ limit=”4″ link=”custom” target=”blank” width=”285″ height=”285″ title=”always”]

Here’s how to get started:

1. EXPLORE all the Amex Offers from your favourite brands and stores online at www.amexoffers.com.au – or you can use the American Express app – CLICK HERE to get the app

2. CLICK on the right link to log into your account pending on whether you have an American Express issued Card or a Bank issued American Express Card

3. SELECT as many Offers as you like by saving them to your Card. There’s no vouchers to print, you won’t have to divulge your whole life story and you won’t have to enter some special code – you just save them to your card.

4. SPEND & SAVE – use your registered Card to spend according to the Offer and save! Your savings will appear as credits on your statement. You’ll also be emailed a confirmation and a reminder {in case you forget to take up the offer, which you won’t!}

* If you’re not an American Express Card holder  – CLICK HERE to find the perfect AMEX card for you & your lifestyle

This post was created as part of the American Express Offers campaign and my AMEX Connect shopping experience was sponsored by American Express. {I have had an American Express card and have used their rewards and offers for a long as I can remember!}

* Some of these offers mentioned above may now be capped out, but you can view existing June Amex Offers at www.amexoffers.com.au and once you registered, you’ll be kept up-to-date with all the new upcoming offers.



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