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style file: LINDEN COOK SS17 – Collection 3.0

Nikki Yazxhi


… and the results couldn’t be more stunning

Linden Cook’s latest Collection 3.0 was created and developed organically throughout the sample process. With the journey of the collection’s creation informing the finished product, Collection 3.0 debuts new patchwork styles, an effect ensuring both sustainability and the individuality of each piece. Developed in the final production stages by the utilization of offcuts from styles within the collection, the patchwork pieces have created a new direction in finish and shape for the brand.

The unrefined beauty of the materials and uniqueness of each piece in Collection 3.0 is heightened by the brand’s love affair with imperfections and character. Comprising of 32 styles, the latest offering from the label is a bold nod to mystery and sensuality, as they explore raw textual finishes to create pieces that are grounded in their wearability.

Including sculptural statement pieces and multi-functional styles, many pieces in the range are designed with elements that can be added or subtracted as the wearer pleases.

To celebrate Collection 3.0, Linden Cook is proud to announce their collaborative partnership with renowned Australian artist and visionary Dina Broadhurst. A fellow advocate for the exploration of untamed and natural beauty, Broadhurst photographed the campaign for Collection 3.0, and in addition, the creation of 4 bespoke artworks influenced by the brand’s latest collection.

“Partnering with Linden Cook was an effortless fusion of a vision that embraced natural beauty and the rawness of female emotions and natural materials. Being able to explore the subtitles of the feminine during an intimate day, uncovering light and shade, reflection and inner quiet, confidence, freedom and form. Discovering how one woman’s beauty can be dissected to stand for all.
Capturing the human body in intimate detail alongside an alluring collection of jewels, each mirroring the other, the facets and faces we all have, the layers we build, the stories we share and the moments that shape us. That beauty is not in perfection, but in expression and acceptance.” – Dina Broadhurst.

ABOUT LINDEN COOK: Established in late 2013, Melbourne based jeweler Linden Cook launched her eponymous label alongside eldest daughter and business partner Georgie Amad. United in their desire and vision for a dynamic and unique Australian brand, this mother-daughter duo sought to create a range grounded in simplicity and individuality. Hand made in Cook’s Melbourne studio, each piece pays tribute to organic forms, lines and shapes whilst boasting their own uniqueness as no two pieces are created the same.

Anchoring each piece in the range is Cook’s designed ethos, centering around the use of recycled materials where possible to promote and maintain sustainable production. Care is taken to avoid the overwork of materials, with Cook simply preferring to mould and shape each piece carefully in order to retain their already unique and beautiful imperfections. Quality, durability and functionality are cornerstones of the brand’s approach to production, with pieces worn for days at a time to ensure the weight, balance and comfort is optimal for the wearer.


Available now, Collection 3.0 is handmade and crafted from sterling silver, 32 styles with 25 styles also available in 18k gold plating. Visit lindencookdesign.com for more details and to shop online.


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