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stop complicating YOUR LIFE {part 3}

Nikki Yazxhi

stop complicating your life part 3


When we stop doing the wrong things and start doing the right things, life is simple.

Here is part 3 of what you should start doing today…

* Stop confusing ‘being busy’ with ‘being productive.’ Start tracking and measuring your progress. Being busy and being productive are two very different things. Results are more important than the time it takes to achieve them.

* Stop over-committing and trying to do too much at once.  Start saying “no” more often. If you never say “no,” you will take on too much and get nothing accomplished. In the beginning, you need to say “yes” to a lot of things to discover and establish your goals. Later on, you need to say “no” to a lot of things and concentrate on your goals. Once your goals are established, focus on doing one thing at a time and doing it well. Also, leave space around commitments in your day. Whether you have appointments, or things you need to do, don’t stack them back-to-back. Leave a little space between things you need to do, so you will have room for contingencies, and you’ll go through your day much more relaxed.

* Stop being inefficient simply because you’ve always done it that way. Start opening your mind to making positive changes. If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting. Many times we live with unplanned, complex systems in our lives simply because we haven’t given them much thought. Instead, streamline your life by finding better ways of handling common tasks. Focus on one system at a time (your cleaning system, your errands system, your paperwork system, your email system, etc.) and try to make it simplified, efficient, and logical. Then, once you have it perfected, stick to it.

* Stop cluttering your space.  Start clearing clutter. Get rid of stuff you don’t use and then organise what’s left. If you have a cluttered living or working space, it can be distracting and stressful. A clear space is like a blank canvas, available to be used to create something great. Getting truly organised and clutter-free can vastly improve anyone’s life.

* Stop obsessing over the past and future.  Start being present. Paying more attention to the current moment can make a huge difference in simplifying your life. It keeps you aware of life, of what’s going on around you and within you. It does wonders for your sanity and stress levels.

* Stop waiting for things to be perfect.  Start thinking of how many things don’t get done in this world simply because people are waiting for the perfect time, place and circumstance. If you’re waiting for the perfect conditions, ideas or plans to get started, you’ll never achieve anything. A good idea without action is nothing at all. Keep it simple and just start. Focus on the next positive step forward.

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& stay tuned for PART 4

{Source: Mark & Angel / Pic: Bohemian Diesel}


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