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after having her treatment at 101 Darley Beauty Collective. Here is Jen’s skin journey…

Having battled with pigmentation and hormonal acne since her teens, and spending thousands to try and correct melasma and scarring, Jennie is very very happy with her Cosmelan results.

the Cosmelan treatment

“Cosmelan targets pigmentation (hormonal pigmentation, melasma, aging skin and sun damage), shrinking pores, acne, acne scarring, uneven skin and improving skin texture and skin tightening,” explains Sonja Millar, Cosmelan expert as Cosmelan Clinic at 101 Darley Beauty Collective. {Sonja customises every Cosmelan treatment to each client to ensure optimal results are achieved.}

“The Cosmelan mask is applied at the clinic and remains on your face for 8 hours. The mask is washed off at home and you may expect 2 to 7 days of light to heavy peeling, redness, sensitivity and mild swelling. The following day after the treatment you are offered to lie under the Rejuvalight LED to assist with the healing process and reduce redness.” There are also take-home products and follow up treatments to support your Cosmelan journey.

The result? After the initial week, skin appears luminous, revived, fresh & smooth. The Cosmelan pack includes take-home products to assist in the skins healing phase and prevent pigment from returning. It is imperative that you stick to the home care regime prescribed for you in order to keep the pigment from returning.

About Jen…

What’s your name? Jen
Occupation? Passionate nature defender and founder of “The Vitality Alliance”

Age? Guess! 😊

What were your skin concerns before Cosmelan? I have always had some freckles that I didn’t mind, but when I started developing larger patches of pigmentation in my late 20s, related to hormonal changes, I started to get a little self-conscious (thank god for filters!). I also suffered from hormonal acne on occasion, which could be quite painful.

How long have you battled with your skin? I’ve had the melasma for about 10 years and hormonal acne since my teens.

What other treatments have you tried? Gosh…what have I not tried? For the melasma, I feel like I had tried everything! I’ve had countless appointments with dermatologists and beauticians, used expensive creams, tried microdermabrasion and dermal rolling. I imagine that I’ve spent many thousands of dollars over the years searching for a ‘miracle cure’. I was never able to try laser due to my ethnic background and the risk of ending up with hyperpigmentation, so I was excited to hear that this was not the case with Cosmelan.

What results did you have with those treatments? Absolutely zero results with reducing pigmentation.

How did you hear about Cosmelan? I had actually given up on finding a solution when two beautiful friends one after the other started raving about this amazing treatment they had had to reduce their melasma.

What did you think about the treatment? It’s a pretty intense treatment, so I certainly recommend clearing your diary for the first few days, but it was very straightforward and easy.

When did you start to notice results? You start to see results quite early, but like many things in life, it’s a process. My skin started to clear up a bit by day 4 and after a week, I noticed a big reduction in pigmentation. After two weeks, my skin was starting to feel fantastic!

What did you love about Cosmelan? I loved that it worked! It has now been three months, and while there are still a few stubborn patches of pigment, these appear to be slowly fading over time. Overall, my skin has improved drastically, and I haven’t had any outbreaks of hormonal acne!

Would you recommend it to a friend? Absolutely, in fact, I have! So many people have noticed and asked me what treatment I had, and I’ve been telling them all to go and see Sonja from 101 Darley Beauty Collective. She has been so incredible, and her follow up is exceptional. It shows she really cares about her clients.

Why? If you have melasma, hormonal acne or other skin concerns, this is the only thing I have tried that has given me noticeable results.

Jen {very happy} 8 weeks after the treatment…


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