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beauty insider: SALON HAIR SECRETS

Nikki Yazxhi

salon secrets


for super-soft-shiny hair…

COOL DOWN: The heat from styling appliances opens hair cuticles and creates frizz and flyaways. Fix this by hitting the ‘cool’ button on your hairdryer and giving hair a shot of cold air to seal and smooth strands. It’ll boost shine, as light reflects best off a flat surface, and will help hair hold the style better.

NO-CARE HAIR: If you love sexy, textured hair, stop shampooing it so often. When hair is dirty it allows all your natural kinks to come out and creates a tousled, texturised effect. The trick is to wash your hair every two to three days, and on the no-wash days just rinse with water and lightly condition the ends.

RE-ACTIVATE YOUR HAIRSTYLE: If your styling product seems to have run out of ‘power’, rather than piling on more and causing sticky build-up, re-activate the product already in your hair. Run damp hands through your hair or spritz it with a fine water sprayer and restyle with your fingers.

{Pic: Byrdie}


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