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Nikki Yazxhi

how to read your dreams


here’s how to unlock the true meaning behind your sleep-time adventures…

1. Create a dream diary and note down (or draw) your dreams to help you understand vivid, emotional or thought-provoking dreams. Keeping a record can also help you interpret your dreams individually or collectively to discover their true meaning.

2. When you wake up try to remember your feelings during your dream as they can help you understand the hidden meaning better…
* FEAR may be telling you that you’re unable to cope with a certain confrontation in your life.
*FRUSTRATION sometimes signifies a lack of fulfillment – or dissatisfaction.
* HAPPINESS signifies contentment – which will lead to happiness.

3. Share your dream with someone who you respect and admire. Just talking about dreams and getting another viewpoint can help interpret a dream.

4. Avoid sleeping pills as they can alter your dreams – try a chamomile tea or warm milk before bed instead.

5. When you wake up, reflect on what your dream! Consult a dream book – or look at these common dream symbols to help find the true meaning…

Dreaming of:
A FLYING BIRD means you’re feeling spiritual.
A BOWL OF FRUIT is a symbol of abundance and contentment.
A FISH SWIMMING FREELY in water means you’re getting ready to look more deeply into your
emotional side.
TEETH FALLING OUT is often related to anger and may mean you are over-stressed.
YOUR HOME usually relates to your body, e.g. the ground floor is your current reality and deals with everyday life; the second floor deals with you intellect and outlook on life; and the roofs relates to your spiritual aspirations.
A DOOR OPENING onto a beautiful space stands for discovery and could mean a new friend or talent is on the horizon.
A HOUSE ON FIRE means you’re either angry or aroused!
DYING IN A DREAM rarely means death. It usually means transformation, change or renewal. Think of it like a mental funeral for your problems.
FALLING usually represents underlying fears and feelings of inadequacy and helplessness. Superstitious interpretations say if you fall a long distance or get hurt means there may be hard times ahead; if you fall and aren’t injured your upsets will be minor.
BEING CHASED can be traced back to situations when you’ve felt caught or vulnerable. Being chased by animals can represent your own unexpressed anger, which is being “projected” onto the chaser.


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