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Nikki Yazxhi

‘Q&A QUICKIE with’…

Filmed in one take, co-founder of The Goodnight Co., Shae Morrison answers 20 bellamumma quick questions so we can see what she likes, what she doesn’t like – and get a little sneak peek into her world.

Shea Morrison left a hectic career in radio advertising in Brisbane in 2014 to focus solely on the development of The Goodnight Co.’s brand, sales and marketing strategy. Fast forward to today and she’s hands-on with all aspects of product development, working closely with the company’s aromatherapy, naturopathic and homeopathic partners.

The Goodnight Co. is a sleep company on a mission: to deliver a better, natural night’s sleep for everyone. Their products are designed for young and old, shift workers, business moguls, nurses, the jet-lagged, new mothers, night owls and everyone in between.

Established in Brisbane in 2015, by Shea and co-founder Danielle Knight they set out to create a business that focuses purely on sleep and wellbeing. Together they have identified and developed effective, evidence-based ways to fall asleep, stay asleep and manage inevitable sleep disruptions. The Goodnight Co. range of sleep solutions includes the 5-star rated Deep Sleep Drops, sleep supplements, aromatherapy, sleep mists and ceramic diffusers as well as luxurious silk pillowcases, sleep masks and more.

Five years since its inception, The Goodnight Co.’s sleep revolution continues to gain momentum, with customers around the world celebrating their sleep improvements. The company has more than 200 wholesale stockists in Australia and the United States. As well as a Thrive Global Partnership with Arianna Huffington, The Goodnight Co. products are featured at World Luxury Spa Award winner Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat; in guest turndown services at Crown Hotels and the St. Regis Hong Kong, with exciting new hotel partnerships to be announced throughout 2020.

“Sleep and wellness is where I want to be, because I know we can make a genuine difference to people’s lives.”

– Shea Morrison

Always entrepreneurial, Shea has more than 20 years’ experience with fast-growth companies including Austereo and Nova Entertainment. She founded the agency Collaborative Media Group and has successfully run multiple companies in the beauty/wellness sectors. She has a Bachelor of Business, Advertising and Public Relations from the Queensland University of Technology. She lives in Brisbane with her husband and two children.

The growth of The Goodnight Co. and the genuine consumer love for the product range continues to inspire Shea – particularly her daughters’ love of sleeping with her favourite Charcoal Silk Sleep Masks! A woman who has always needed a lot of sleep, Shea is often known to retire at 8:30 pm, ready for a 5am start.