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put this on your gotta-do list: JAMALA WILDLIFE LODGE

Nikki Yazxhi



okay, you don’t have to imagine anymore, it’s the norm at Jamala Wildlife Lodge – and you don’t need a passport to experience it

the Jamala story

Jamala Wildlife Lodge is the ultimate luxury overnight safari experience situated in Canberra, Australia. The Jamala concept came to life in 1998 when a local family’s dream was to build a zoo that housed animals in comfortable surroundings. They also built the lodge for {human} guests so it integrated within the exiting zoo grounds, the aim for this, to subtly impress that everything possible should be done to ensure that these magnificent animals survive in the wild. And from all reports, it’s doing just exactly that.
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the animals

When you stay at Jamala you experience close encounters with some of the world’s most dangerous and endangered animals, including: a Bengal tiger, a European Brown Bear, a Malayan Sun Bear, lions, cheetahs, giraffes, Black and White Colobus monkeys, Ring Tailed Lemurs, hyenas, snow leopards and a shark. Amazing!
Jamala is all about the welfare and comfort of the animals. N.Z.A.C.T, {a volunteer organisation} and PACT {Positive Actions Conservation Team} work with the National Zoo & Aquarium to help develop programs for species that are held in captivity and that are critically endangered in the wild. This is done through breeding programs and educating zoo and Jamala visitors about the world and the part that these animals play. Jamala also use their funds to help the zoo to continue to grow and support its breeding programs.

rooms with a ‘zoo’

There are three individually designed five star accommodation hubs to choose from; the Giraffe Treehouses, the Jungle Bungalows and the uShaka Lodge – and they all cleverly interact with Jamala’s {animal} guests. The African inspired luxury suites lie in the heart of the National Zoo & Aquarium and are totally luxurious {as you can see from some of the photos above}.

the dining experience

When you stay at Jamala, you start your evening with pre-dinner drinks on the terrace, where you will be joined by some special guests, which may include white lions {like below} or hyenas! To continue the African theme, you’ll enjoy a three course meal with the chef’s selection of local and African inspired dishes. Dinner is then served either in the Rainforest Cave {where the lions may linger}, or in uShaka Lodge, with the sharks and Colobus monkeys watching on. Pretty spectacular!

{I heard about Jamala through another blogger who ravved about it, so it immediately went on our ‘to-do / YOLO’ list… and I’m very happy to say, we’re visiting Jamala Wildlife Lodge very soon, so stay tuned, I’ll be posting more about the amazing experience… }
For more information and booking details, visit www.jamalawildlifelodge.com.au
+ you can connect with them here
facebook: facebook.com/jamalawildlifelodge
twitter: twitter.com/jamala_lodge
youtube: youtube.com/user/kimba1998
instagram: instagram.com/nationalzoo/


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