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beauty insider: your post-party BEAUTY REHAB GUIDE

Nikki Yazxhi

afterparty beauty


the bad news: it’s bound to take it out on your skin

Here’s how to save face…

PROBLEM: blotchy skin

Your skin may look red and blotchy after a party because alcohol restricts blood vessels, making skin look flushed.
SOLUTION: Use a calming mask made from ingredients like aloe or algae. Put the mask in the freezer for 20 minutes beforehand for a soothing cool beauty boost.

PROBLEM: dehydrated skin

The day after drinking too much, skin tends to be superdry because alcohol is a diuretic.
SOLUTION: When washing off your make-up after a mositure-sapping cocktail session, skip drying alcohol toners and swipe skin with a hydrating serum instead. When you wake–up your skin should be back to pre-party perfection.

PROBLEM: puffy eyes

Sensitive under-eye skin is quick to retain fluids and puff up when you’re dehydrated.
SOLUTION: Place damp teabags over your eyes – the enzymes will de-puff your eyes, or frozen peas, to help take down the swelling. You can also apply an eye cream that contains decongesting ingredients like ivy extract, then kick back with your head elevated for 10 minutes.

{Pic: Allure}


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