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party hair #2: THE KNOTTED UPDO

Nikki Yazxhi

party hair #2 dakota johnson


.. it’s easy because it’s pretty imperfect

Dakota Johnson’s super-cute knotted ‘do is perfect for almost every hair length – woot!
party hair #2
how-to-do: To get the messy knots, start by adding a root-lifting spray to damp hair, and blow-dry with a round brush. Then take random sections of hair and wrap them in figure-eight formations around a curling iron to create bends instead of curls. Twist hair back in 2- to 4-inch sections to create small knots at the nape of the neck, and secure with bobby pins in an X formation. Continue pinning sections until all your hair is pinned back, and let wisps fall at the front of your face. Finish with hairspray.
{Source: Lipstick}


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