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Nikki Yazxhi

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JULY 26, 2016


So much going on? I can’t believe that we’re at the end of July, that we’re half-way through the year. Our Petaluma House renovation is getting closer to the ‘moving-out stage’ – yes, we have to move out for 12 weeks – and I’m packing and selling as much as I can… You can just imagine the chaos involved, on top of the day-to-day. You can probably also imagine trying to keep the kids on task packing-up their bedrooms – it’s be an exercise in keeping them focused, away from their screens and ‘self-distracting’…
… then thrown into the mix, I was in hospital yesterday {day surgery} having another BCC skin cancer removed from my nose – this time involving a skin-graft {the ‘donation skin’ from my neck}. So I have two big bandages, the one on my nose almost ‘unicorn-esque’, as you can see {left}!
I have to thank the amazing team at the Melanoma Institute, particularly Prof. Stretch and everyone on his team, and the amazing Day Surgery staff at the Mater Hospital. Such caring and talented people.
Today I’m feeling a little sore and a bit ‘blick’ from the anaesthetic, but so thankful the skin cancer has now been removed. The stitches come out next week, then it’s let the healing begin!
mops magnolia 2
Speaking of healing, each day is getting a little tiny bit better since my mum and sister passed – and I’m still seeing ‘signs’. {The magnolia tree we planted in memorial for my sister, at dad’s house, is blooming and it’s so so beautiful – as you can see from these pix!}
And I’m still regularly seeing ‘hearts’ in the most random places, I actually saw two heart-shaped flowers petals {pic, left} when I was leaving one of my skin check appointments. And just last week {again after a follow-up doctor’s appoint} I was driving home behind a car that had a ‘Moppity Wines’ sticker on the back {my sister’s nickname is Moppy}, then another car came up bedside it with the number plate that started ‘MH’ {my sister’s initials before she was married}.
I was starting to think that it was cool coincidence, but just a coincidence – then a car coming the in the opposite direction drive past with the number plate that just had ‘SIS’ on it! That kinda blew me away -BIG time !
What do you think pure coincidence – or do you believe in messages from loved ones who have passed? I’d love to hear your thoughts?
love NY x
{PS: Let me know if you see anything on #petalumahouseau that you want to buy, chances are we’re probably selling it!}
CLICK HERE to find out more about the Melanoma Institute’s pioneeering work + HERE to donate : )
& remember to check your skin and if in doubt, get it checked out!


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