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mr m's braces diary: THE BIG DAY

Nikki Yazxhi

max braces


a day of mixed feelings, excitement and apprehension

Mr M’s awesome orthodontist, Dr Hammond and his team from Northside Orthodontics, had talked us through our options, on previous appointments and had introduced us to the very customised Insignia Advanced Design Smile braces. Decision made {they looked cool}, Mr M chose clear braces on top, and metal for the lower teeth. Now the day had come to have them fitted… I think everyone in the family was feeling a little apprehensive but excited about seeing them…
The reasons why we chose Insignia…
1. They have the most advanced technology.
2. The brackets and wires are 100% customised
3. They’re fast and comfortable
4. You can see the end result before your start using their the 3-D software representation
5. You get precise and predictable results
For more details, CLICK HERE
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The whole process was quite quick, that was because everything was customised using Insignia’s advanced software, then the braces were fitted to perfectly to fit each tooth. {Each bracket is precisely calculated to affect tooth movement.}

The first few days…

Mr M was told absolute horror stories about getting braces from the kids at school, but he was happily surprised that they ‘weren’t so bad’. There were a few spots that were tender at the start but put some wax on those spots and once his mouth got used to the braces, he was all good. {Thank goodness!}

The first couple of weeks…

There were a few adjustments to get used to, but Mr M is coping quite well. Longer brushing, taking out and putting in bands {at home and at school}, and there are a few foods that have challenged him… but all up, everything is going according to plan. And Mr M is happy he can still eat steak, so all is good! Stay tuned… and scroll down for more info about braces : )
max braces

5 most asked questions about braces

1. Will braces hurt? Most patients experience some discomfort after braces are placed and after the braces are tightened. The discomfort should only last a day or two. Pain relief such as those taken for a headache may be used to ease the discomfort.
2. What if a wire is causing irritation in my mouth? Push the wire away from the area using a cotton ear bud or similar. If the wire cannot be tucked away, cover the end of the wire with a small piece of wax, a cotton ball or a piece of sugarless gum until you can see us for an adjustment. If it continues to irritate, please call us for an appointment.
3. What happens if I accidentally swallow a bracket? If a bracket comes off nothing will happen to you if it is swallowed. Please call the Practice to arrange an appointment to have it repaired.
4. Food keeps getting caught in between my teeth even though I’m brushing all the time. What should I do? FLOSS! On your next visit, speak to one of the clinical assistants and they will show you how to clean properly in between your teeth.
5. Can I still play sports with braces? Yes, we encourage our patients to be fit & healthy. It is recommended that patients protect their smiles with a mouth guard when participating in sport. Mouth guards are available from your local chemist or speak to one of our team.

more details & info…

visit: www.insigniasmile.com
email: ormco.australia@ormco.com
call: 1800 023 603
+ follow Insignia on: facebook.com/myormco or twitter.com/Ormco

special thanks to…

Dr Roger Hammond & his team at Northside Orthodontics – www.nso.net.au
+ follow NSO on: facebook.com/NSOorthodontics
& stay tuned for more of Mr M’s Diary 


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