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Marcus Hamill

Vedic Meditation and Sattva yoga teacher, Marcus Hamill shares why taking a pause, a moment, is so important.

As I write this, Cass is about a week into her month-long Sattva Yoga Teacher Training in India. Hearing her buzzing from all the deep transformational practice and knowledge she’s immersed in, really has me really psyched for getting back in November. But for now, I’m home holding up the fort, feeling fortunate that we’re able to support each other on this journey.

While we all miss her, I think it’s really inspiring for the girls to see Cass go off on these adventures. It also makes me appreciate how much harder it is running a family on your own. To all the single parents out there, you guys are truly amazing. I tip my hat to you all.

Juggling work commitments with ensuring my kids are having a good time over the holidays, I’m noticing certain tendencies creep in.

As I feel the pressure mounting to get everything finished on time, to be efficient and productive, I realise that this energy brings me out of the present moment and I feel ungrounded, agitated and ironically, unproductive.

So, I remind myself to take a pause. To witness the gaps between the constant stream of busy thoughts. To sit outside for a moment and feel the sun on my skin, and my feet on the earth. To take a deep breath. Short moments, many times. Grounding me back into my body, back into this moment.

Everyone’s ‘to do list’ is overwhelming and it’s easy to get so caught up in the constant doing, that we forget how to be. Is it really going to be the end of the world if I put off those email until later tonight, deal with my taxes after the holidays (or leave the washing piled up until the day before Cass gets home) so I can take my girls to the beach and enjoy this beautiful day? One thing I know for sure is that if we treat life like a race to the finish line, then that’s exactly what it will be.

So I try to remind myself from moment to moment to stop and take it all in. There’s only ever been one miracle and it’s happening right now. The question is; are we too busy being distracted to notice it.

– Marcus

{Photo: H&M / Illustration: by @worthwhilepaper}

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