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how-to: DETOX / DECLUTTER your make-up bag

Nikki Yazxhi

makeup detox


and you really only ever use half of what is in there… it’s time for a major make-up detox / clean out

* Start by throwing things away. Any make-up product that has altered colour, dried out, expired, cracked or has not been used in six months goes. Throw out clumpy mascaras and foundation that has separated.

* Test all foundations and concealers. Keep the ones that match your skin tone today. Don’t save foundations that you think you will wear in summer or winter. When that time comes, invest in a seasonal foundation and concealer.

* Throw away frosted or bright eyeshadows. Keep the staples – dark greys and neutral shades, such as beiges, mochas, light pinks and greys.

* Keep black, charcoal and brown eye liners and eye pencils. All eye colours look good with these shades. Give them a sharpen to freshen them up.

* Keep only a handful of lipsticks in neutral, everyday shades and either a deeper or a brighter one for evening.

* Give away all products you have never used, opened or don’t know how to use.

* Wash make-up brushes once a month in warm water and a little shampoo. Don’t immerse the whole brush in water, just the bristles. Rinse in plain water and allow to dry naturally.

+ check out Howards Storage World’s range of make-up organisers & storage solutions – they’re genius!

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