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life / style files: HEALTHY HOME & HAPPY LIVING TIPS

Nikki Yazxhi



I’ve tried to create some simple back-to-basic strategies to take away some of the stress and help create a healthy home and a happy lifestyle

Sometimes life gets very complicated and we tend to forget the simple strategies that keep everything grounded, especially at home. I’ve come up with a few ideas how we can all streamline our home life, so we have a happy, healthy base that creates a calming effect through to the rest of our lives. Here we go:

my 10 tips for a healthy home and happy lifestyle

This is real back to basics stuff… but here’s what is working at my home {pictured above}:

1. OPEN A WINDOW: Let the fresh air in. It’s something we rarely do because we’re all rushing around and working. But, opening the windows lets in new air to dilute the pollutants (microbial and particulate), carry them off, and bring in fresh supplies of oxygen. Okay, I get if you’re working during the week you can’t leave the house open, but on the weekends try to open all the windows and let you house ‘air’. {PS. Don’t rely on air fresheners, they just mask the bad smells and pollute your home with unnecessary chemicals.}

2. AIR THE BEDS: While you’re sleeping, you breathe about one kilogram of moisture, along with breath odours and microorganisms, into the air, your pillow and your bedding. You also perspire, perhaps a cup’s worth, and exude skin oils and body smells. And you use up the room’s oxygen and replace it with exhaled carbon dioxide. When there are two or more people in the bed or the room, these effects are multiplied. {I know, yuck, right!} So before you make the bed, pull the bedcovers down to let your bed air while you have brekkie and get ready for the day. If you don’t, the moisture you have left in the bed either doesn’t evaporate or evaporates very slowly, which makes for an environment in pillows and mattress in which dust mites, molds, and other microbial life have more of an opportunity to multiply.

dyson23. VACUUM REGULARY: Okay, I’m a bit of a nut when it comes to vacuuming, but I do have two sinus-sensitive souls in the family {Hubbie and M2r 12}. I vacuum at least every second day – and I vacuum the mattresses once a week, when I change the sheets. {Sounds crazy, but until you do it, you don’t understand the amount of dust and dander that lives in your mattress – yuck!} And I’m particular about my vacuum cleaners. We only buy/use Dyson. {Sounds a bit wanky, but they are seriously the best.} Expensive, yes, but the best. And I never pay full price for them. I’ve just upgraded to the ‘allergy’ Dyson {pictured left} and saved $50 by taking advantage of my Amex Offers again. Yes, American Express has partnered with {another fave brand} Harvey Norman so when you spend $300 or more, you get $50 back. Amazing! All you have to do is register to save the offer to your Card, then buy whatever you want {over $300}, online or in-store at Harvey Norman before 05/07/15 and you’ll receive $50 credit on your Amex statement.  CLICK HERE for all the offer details.

4. GO CHEMICAL-FREE: I don’t want to sound preachy, but it just worries me the amount of chemicals we’re all subjected to, especially the kids. Just be mindful when you’re shopping next: maybe re-think your washing powders and liquids, dishwasher tabs, soap and cleaning products, all those chemicals add up.

5. HELLO SUNSHINE: When was the last time you just sat in the sun, or put the clothes on the line in the sun? {I know, right!} We’re all inside working and our washing is dried in dryers. If you can, get the family out into the sunshine, it’s the perfect way to disconnect – and let your towels, sheets, clothes dry in the sun. You’ll be amazed what a difference it makes!

6. DECLUTTER YOUR HOME {AND YOUR MIND}: This is a biggie for me {confession} because I’m a bit of a ‘what if we need it’ type of hoarder, so we have so much ‘stuff’. But, I’m starting to let it go. I’m giving anything and everything we haven’t used in six months to charity and I’m feeling much clearer, lighter. It’s an ongoing process, so watch this space.

7. GO ORGANIC & TRY BUY SEASONALLY: Again with the chemicals, I know, but if you can buy organic, do. It just makes sense for the whole family, don’t you agree? And buy locally and seasonally! Nature knows what our bodies need every season, ie. oranges in winter for vit C, you get my drift. And if we buy seasonally and locally, we’re not shipping food from one side of the planet to the other, which is a win on so many levels for the environment.

8. ASSIGN EVERYONE THEIR HOUSEHOLD CHORES: Don’t let all the home duties fall on one person {i.e., you}! Assign everyone their home duties, that includes the kids. If everyone complains and moans about their ‘jobs’ – create a rotating roster, so all the jobs are shared.

9. BE PRO-ACTIVE ABOUT OVER-PACKAGING: One of the quickest ways you can make-over your diet is to cut down on {or stop} buying packaged food. Think about all the unhealthy foods you’ll be cutting out. And while we’re talking about packaging, rethink using plastic bags. Keep a shopping bag in your car, or in your handbag, at least for those little shopping trips.

10. BE A SMART SHOPPER & TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ALL YOUR RESOURCES: Life is expensive, so it makes sense to use all the resources you have to help out your weekly budget. Everything counts. And I know this sounds like a contradiction, but we use our American Express card whenever we can, to just that. It helps us save money. Seriously. I buy my weekly gorceries on Amex {and we pay it off at the end of every month} and we accumlate Amex points, which we can use in some amazing/money-saving ways. There’s always great lifestyle offers to take advantage of, like:

* TEMPLE AND WEBSTER: get $30 off your first homewares purchase. Join today and place your first order {min spend $250} within 14 days to save $30. It’s free to join Australia’s first members only site dedicated to beautiful homewares, beautifully priced. Exclusive sales events at up to 70% off retail prices launch daily. {Valid until 30/6/15}

* SUPABARN: spend $50 or more, each time in four separate transactions, in-store only at Supabarn before 06/07/15 to receive one $50 credit

* LIQUORLAND: spend $100 or more, in one transaction, in-store at Liquorland before 10/07/15 to receive one $15 statement credit.

* WOOLWORTHS: spend $30 or more, in one or more transactions, in-store or online at Woolworths before 06/07/15 to receive one $10 statement credit.

Using Amex Offers is so easy, no vouchers, no special codes, no gimmicks, just shopping for what you need/use/ love.

We’ve been using our Amex Membership Rewards and Offers for years {everything helps}, here’s how:
* we booked our flights to the US {and got some amazingly cheap rates} and our accommodation through Amex Travel
* we used our AMEX points to book a helicopter flight and tickets to a baseball game in San Francisco
* we used American Express’ Travel insurance service when Hubbie got food poisoning in Los Angeles – and they organised the Hotel Doctor to come to our hotel {great story, I’ll blog about it another time!}

* we’ve bought our previous Dyson vacuum using our AMEX points – and used Amex Offers for the our new one, as mentioned above

* Amex Offers has partnered with some great fashion brands/labels… I’ve saved on some great pieces.
CLICK HERE for more details

* Hubbie and I have attended American Express Invitation Only events
* we’ve bought wine online and received $50 credit
+ we always book restaurants and hotels through AMEX concierge – you always get a bit of VIP attention/extras – and on occasion we’ve been upgraded!

Seriously, if you want a credit card that works hard, this is the one!

Here’s how you can start using Amex Offers:
1. EXPLORE all the Amex Offers from your favourite brands and stores online at www.amexoffers.com.au or if you have a card issued directly from American Express you can use the app – CLICK HERE to get the app

2. CLICK on the right link to log into your account pending on whether you have an American Express issued Card or a Bank issued American Express Card

3. SELECT as many Offers as you like by saving them to your Card. There’s no vouchers to print, you won’t have to divulge your whole life story and you won’t have to enter some special code – you just save them to your card.

4. SPEND & SAVE – use your registered Card to spend according to the Offer and save! Your savings will appear as credits on your statement. You’ll also be emailed a confirmation and a reminder {in case you forget to take up the offer, which you won’t!}

* If you’re not an American Express Card holder  – CLICK HERE to find the perfect AMEX card for you & your lifestyle

This post was created as part of the American Express Offers campaign and my AMEX Connect shopping experience was sponsored by American Express. {I have had an American Express card and have used their rewards and offers for a long as I can remember!}

* Some of these offers mentioned above may now be capped out, but you can view existing June Amex Offers at www.amexoffers.com.au and once you registered, you’ll be kept up-to-date with all the new upcoming offers.



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