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wednesday wisdom: 11 little lessons FOR LOVE PEACE AND HAPPINESS

Nikki Yazxhi


11 more life lessons that help show us, what we do matters:

1. What we think matters. We can let our thoughts control our lives, or we can be guided by the wisdom of the universe. Our thoughts will keep us small; universal wisdom is rather large!

2. Pain is mostly in our heads. Of course we can suffer terrible physical pain and losses that seem unbearable. Without discounting this suffering, it’s the stuff we manufacture for ourselves in our minds that is often most painful— guilt, resentment, bitterness. We relive pain over and over in our heads. Pretty silly. Enough.

3. There really is no black and white. The yin yang symbol may be black and white, but each segment of the circle is constantly merging into the other. We perceive dark because of the absence of light; night becomes day—they are complements, not opposites. Without one we could not appreciate the other. And then there is hot, warm, cool, cold, tepid, freezing etc. Look for the degrees in life {the shades of grey if you like}.

4. Be kind to yourself. Think of how you would treat a good friend in the same situation. It’s likely to be much kinder, and you should show yourself the same understanding. You deserve it.

5. Self-love is not selfishness. It’s not selfish to love yourself; it’s the only path to giving abundantly of yourself. Self-esteem is good; selfishness is ego—big difference.

life tuning

6. Children are our greatest teachers. Children remind us of joys we’ve forgotten and things that are always simpler than we make them. They give us a reason to be selfless and forgive our selfishness. They can be loud, annoying, and demanding, and make us bone-achingly weary at times. But they are worth it. Spend quality time them. As much as you can.

7. Loss transforms to gain. We only truly appreciate gain when we have lost. We gain strength, learn lessons, and learn to appreciate gain anew when loss comes around again, as it inevitably will.

8. There’s beauty in impermanence. Things are rendered more beautiful by the very virtue that they are fleeting. We experience joy in moments. The trick is to have lots of them.

9. We are all connected. There is a Chinese legend of a red thread that joins those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place, and circumstance. It may stretch or tangle, but will never break.

10. We are all one. Not only are we all connected on the universal way, but in essence we are all one.

11. Contentment is found in balance. There will be joys and sorrows, losses and gains. There will inevitably be change. Our challenge is to embrace acceptance, to be content. We don’t chase it like happiness or success {futile really}, but if we are still and peaceful, we can find it in the core place of balance in our beings, in the perfect energy of love.

{Source: Tiny Buddha Pic: Maxim}


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