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She has over 11 years experience recruiting for leading fashion and lifestyle brands globally, and shares her top 5 career tips right here…

1. Keep your CV and LI profile up to date
It’s essential to ensure all information is up to date, you complete a thorough spell and grammar check, and your roles are clearly outlined with your key responsibilities.

Dates of tenure, the brand and key successes are required. In addition to your name, home address and email address. Position your contact details at the top of your CV and make sure you have contacted your referees before companies approach for references. Keep your personal summary succinct, professional and aligned to your personal brand.

Avoid third person, the use of adjectives and keep your LI profile picture relevant. No selfies, group shots, sunglasses or yoga poses please. By noting your key achievements, you will demonstrate your accomplishments, resulting in a positive response from employers. An opportunity to generate exciting discussion points in your interview!

2. Be clear on your purpose, intent and why
Why are you looking for a change? What are your key strengths and skills? What are your areas of development? What type of culture do you enjoy? What type of leaders do you perform well under? Be confident and informed in your salary expectations. Know your why and what you can bring to a new role and what is most important to you. With every opportunity there needs to be some flexibility – be thoughtful around your commitments and demonstrate goodwill to each potential employer. Great communication, self knowledge and motivation are valued highly and the importance of maintaining positive relationships in a highly connected community is essential.

3. Preparation for interviews is key
Interviews are mutual conversations of discovery – it is an employers opportunity to learn more about you and vice versa. Be prepared, ask relevant questions, know the industry and articulate clearly your experiences and key successes. Be prepared to share your areas of development. Always be honest, build rapport by actively listening and sharing however do not overshare sensitive information about your previous or current employers. Be genuine, positive in your approach, well presented and punctual. Most importantly, enjoy the experience!

4. Keep across best practice and innovation in your industry and other aligned industries
Be up to date and knowledgable around best practice in your industries, both in local and international marketplaces. In a time of innovation and change – it is critical you are proactive in up skilling your experiences and knowledge of the industry. This learning agility will add value to your career and skill set and is highly sought after by employers who are expanding and growing their marketshare.

5. Be your best version of you
Renewal is critical for optimal performance and helps you to stay positive, refreshed and focused. Take time to exercise and switch off from technology to maintain your health and wellbeing. This will support you to feel inspired, motivated and fulfilled. Arianna’s Huffington book “Thrive” was a game changer for me and helped me to recognise the importance of sleep and prioritising my opportunities for renewal.

Good luck,
Angela x

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