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Kay Wilson

CAN’T WAIT TO MEET THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE? HATE YOUR BOSS BUT CANT FIND THE PERFECT JOB? Let’s face it, it can be frustrating when we really want something and can’t quite seem to get hold of it! Here’s how to get beyond that and attract what you want…

Fundamentally we are creatures of desire, constantly sifting through life deciding what we want and what we don’t want and in the process evolving and growing. But isn’t life so blissful when we experience a flash of abundance? When the Universe aligns and we get exactly what we wanted, or something pretty close… so how can we access that abundance more often?

The Law of Attraction

The mechanics of the Law of Attraction are very simple: You attract what you are already experiencing, so the key is to access the FEELING of abundance in order to attract more of it. This can be really challenging when life is feeling far from abundant! So here are three steps I suggest you try to help you get into the right headspace:

1. Clarity – Firstly be very clear about exactly what it is you want and if you’re not sure, that’s ok, you can enjoy the process of figuring it out! Try making a vision board, this is a collection of images and words that reflect your future dreams and aspirations. You can make one at home with magazines or simply create a few Pinterest boards, maybe one for your personal life, one for work, and one for friends or hobbies? Start with small things and see where they lead you. Also don’t agonize over how you are going to get what you want. When you start focusing on the ‘how’ you create a lot of conditions under which something must come to you, this can energetically cause resistance, so just focus on what you want and enjoy yourself! Dream big.

2. Intuition – spend time daydreaming about what it is you desire, if it’s a partner imagine yourself doing lots of fun things together. And as you do this sense how you feel about it, are there any fears or anxieties coming up? Listen carefully to your instinct, if there are subconscious reactions bubbling up to the surface around these daydreams the chances are this is why you have not yet manifested them, as there is resistance. Take time to listen to your instinct and try to understand what it is you are unsure about, getting guidance from a healer or councilor might really help.

3. Manifesting – At this stage you want to kick things up a notch, bring the daydreams into your experience. Start ‘talking’ to your partner to be, before you fall asleep or when you’re on your own at home, have ‘chats’ with them and imagine that they are beside you. If you want more money maybe create a false budget and put in numbers you would like to manifest and enjoy the sensation that seeing them in the spreadsheet gives you. If you want a new job, have pretend conversations with your new colleagues etc..of course it sounds crazy, but I ‘talked’ to my now husband for six months before I met him!

Discover where you feel abundant and roll around in it.

The key is your emotional experience, the more abundant it is the better! When you’re not focusing on your specific goals take time to figure out where else in your life you experience a sense of abundance. Maybe you are really good at your job and feel very confident and assured in that area, or perhaps you keep yourself very fit and feel physically empowered, or maybe you have a pet or child who’s abundant love you simply adore and enjoy deeply. If so, really relish and enjoy the sense of confidence, joy or ease these sensations bring to your life.

You have the power of choice.

And finally, every time you catch yourself mentally wondering off to a place of doom where a life of singledom, poverty or job hell seem the only future, pull yourself back and focus your mind on the areas in your life you are abundant and make time to mentally and emotionally roll around in the feeling. Remember, you have the power to choose your thoughts every moment of every day, and where you focus your energy your manifestation follows.

about our guest contributor:

Kay Wilson, Founder of Reiki Healing & Everyday Energy, is a Reiki Practitioner dedicated to helping you on your journey to physical wellbeing. She is passionate about energetic health and peace of mind and is always developing techniques to help you integrate mindful and energetic living into everyday life.
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