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Nikki Yazxhi

AS THE WORLD POPULATION CONTINUES TO GROW, FOOD SHORTAGES AND NUTRIENT DEFICIENCY IN PRODUCE MAY BECOME A REALITY SOONER THAN WE THINK, with some experts arguing that we could start to feel the impact in just 10 years. Luckily, there’s still hope for our future through sustainable food choices and greater education on food waste.

Last month IKEA hosted Democratic Design Days Australia, a design festival that took Sydney-siders behind the scenes of IKEA and explored the future of all things design – including the future of our food economy. During the design days, IKEA Australia’s Food Manager Ivana Frost, along with a panel of food experts including food writer Matt Preston, discussed our resources on the planet, the future of food, and how we can better manage food waste.

We chatted to Ivana {pictured below} and asked her to share her tips on how we can all minimise food waste at home. {You’ll be surprised how easy it actually is!}

Ivana’s tips for reducing food waste at home…

Do you have any storage tips to help us minimise food waste at home?
There are simple ways to avoid food waste – from storing your food correctly, to making jams and chutneys, poaching fruit {like below} or even growing your own fresh herbs and vegetables. Read on for some more ways:

* Put cereal, pasta and other dry goods such as herbs and spices in see-through or marked containers. It will help you see what you have to work with, protect your ingredients from insects, and help keep everything dry. The DROPPAR range has a see-through band at the base so you can easily see what’s inside.

* Storing your leftovers in glass containers, such as those in the FÖRTROLIG range, makes it simple to take food from fridge/freezer to oven/microwave, and then directly to the table. The leak-proof lid prevents spills and protects the contents.

We know that often the food that is visible will be eaten, while hidden food will go to waste. The way you store food impacts how much is eaten and what is left to go out-of-date. You can use our RISATORP kitchen trolley {below} to store fruit and vegetables out where you will see them.

* Try regrowing plants from your off-cuts. With parsnips and carrots just place the tops in some water and, after a few days, you should get new leaves appearing. Be sure to keep them watered so that they stay fresh. Carrot greens taste great chopped up in salads or soup.

What do you think we’ll be eating in the future?
We will definitely move towards a more plant based diet, which is better for people and the planet. We are seeing this trend come to life here at IKEA. With our global food teams experimenting with more plant based food options including plant based soft-serve ice cream and the Veggie hot dog! We are so excited for the Veggie hot dog to join our range next year! The aim is to show that we are on the way to including more plant based ingredients in the range and of course, offer healthier products for our customers.

What would be your top 3 smart shopping tips to minimise food wastage?
1. Meal planning.
2. Take a shopping list with you when you shop so you won’t be tempted by last
impulse purchases.
3. Shop more frequently, so you are only buying what you need.

What are your top tips for getting the kids / whole family onboard?
Kids play a huge role in helping the family to eliminate food waste. Reducing food waste can very easily start in your own home. If kids see what we are throwing out and understand the effects on the environment and food resources they may end up eating everything on their plate!

There are so many simple things you can do to educate your kids about the circular food economy. My favourites are planting a garden or growing herbs at home, start a compost bin, or even plan your meals together and write grocery lists together. These tips will help you to develop the value your family places on food.

Do you have any easy recipes using leftovers?
So many! My favourites are Minestrone soup, pasta bakes, tortilla bakes or giant quiches, fast fix fried rice and good old bubble and squeak.

for more information:

visit: ikea.com.au & follow: @IKEA_australia#dddaustralia
+ watch the video below featuring IKEA Australia’s Food Manager Ivana Frost along with a panel of food experts including food writer Matt Preston amongst others, discussing the future of our food.

{This post is a collaboration between bellamumma and IKEA}


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