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how to LIVE A POSITIVE LIFE {part 2}

Nikki Yazxhi

how to live a positive life part 2


which is why I love these ‘positive’ life tips…

Here are the second 5 {of 10} tips that will uplift and inspire:

6. Open your mind to ideas of living a positive life. There are a lot of awesome people out there in the world living positive lives and, really, why shouldn’t you consider their ideas of what it means to live a positive life? If someone has been successfully living a positive life, it’s at least worth considering how he or she got to a place of positive. Every idea might not work for you, but having an open mind really helps lead to a positive life.

7. Stop stressing about your past. Many of us spend way too much time thinking about, revisiting, and going backward to the past. Doing these things is pointless and painful and will only cause you (and others) a great deal of unhappiness. Hard as it is to admit sometimes, the past is over. Going back to it or fretting about it or beating yourself up over it does absolutely nothing. What’s done is done. The sooner you learn from it and move on, the better.

8. Don’t seek happiness in things or people. Don’t look for positive outlets outside of yourself. Often when we’re feeling unhappy, we look outside ourselves for a solution, for a quick burst of happiness. It might be tempting to rely on other people for your happiness or turn to habits like shopping, eating, or drinking to quell your negative state of mind, but those outside things never do the trick. You must seek happiness and positivity within yourself. It really is the only way to truly live a positive life.

9. Know you have the power to change your own life. Over and over again many of us think the worst two words: “I can’t…” The second you let yourself think that way about changing your life, you’re set up for failure. If you don’t believe you can change your life, then it’s going to be pretty hard to actually change it. Believing in yourself sounds so cliché, but there’s a reason that concept has stuck around for so long. Without believing in your power, you’ll paralyse yourself and living a positive life will be impossible.

10. Refuse to give up on what matters most. A lot of people look down on those trying to better their lives. Perhaps it is jealousy or fear or just plain ignorance, but for whatever reason, people may judge you for striving to be positive. People may criticise you or attempt to stand in your way. Don’t let them. Don’t let anyone or anything come between you and living the life you want to be living. Remember that, no matter what, this is your life. If you want to live it positively, don’t let anyone or anything stand in your way.

Living a positive life takes a lot of hard to work, especially if you’re struggling with negativity. But know this: even if you do one thing on this list, your life will improve. And you owe it to yourself to at least try. If you want to live a positive life, do it. All of the work will be worth every ounce of effort you put in because nothing is better than loving the life you’re living.

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{Source: Postively Present}


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