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you & food: how to get your clean EATING back on TRACK

Nikki Yazxhi

get your eating back on track


Here’s how a few small changes to your everyday habits can help you get your eating back on the ‘healthy’ track…

1. Eliminate a single food. Dessert, the bread basket, salad dressing—they’re are all good, easy choices. Or you can switch from eating meat or chicken to seafood. There was a study done on people replacing beef with salmon, and although the foods contained about the same number of kilojoules, the people who ate the fish lost more weight.
2. Change your drink. You don’t need to cut out alcohol entirely, but switch from your favourite flavourful drink to something you don’t love as much—even if it’s just from white wine to red. You’ll probably sip much less. And be sure to alternate every alcoholic drink with a non-alcoholic one, like mineral water or ice tea.
3. Change your behaviour. Sometimes it’s not about a particular food, it’s a pattern. Promise yourself no mindless nibbling at the office, or decide not to bring home the foods from the supermarket that tempt you the most.
4. Start going to the gym – exercise will give you fitness, but not save you from “fatness” if your eating isn’t correct. Exercise not only burns kilojoules, it gives focus and structure and increases motivation. Just be careful not to overexercise and then go home and overeat. Your legs will never go as fast as your fingers.
5. Consider whether something is really a comfort food. For most people who think they are finding comfort in an unhealthy food, a major cause of their discomfort may be their weight and feeling out of control with their eating.
6. Revise your attitude. Dieting is not about deprivation and missing out. You can eat whatever you want—but ask yourself, do I like it enough to wear it? There is a substitute for almost every high-fat or high-kilojoule food, so don’t think of it in terms of good or bad food. Think, does this work for me or against me? Deprivation is in eating the foods that will deprive you of a lifetime of being trim and happy with yourself.
{Source: Vogue}


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