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Dr Phoebe Jones

Cosmetic Physician and bellamumma contributor, Dr Phoebe Jones, shares her tips on when and how to start your skin preparation to get your glow going for your Big Day.

Spring remains the unrivalled wedding season in Australia and with the warmer months fast approaching, there is no doubt that many brides-to-be are wanting everything to be perfect on their big day– and that means their skin too! Navigating a beauty routine in the lead up to tying the knot can be overwhelming, but Cosmetic Physician, Dr Phoebe Jones says that alike your wedding, planning ahead is key to get your skin looking its best.

“I frequently get asked by my patients with weddings approaching about their beauty routine – what to do, what treatment to be pursuing and when to begin. I tend to advise these brides-to-be to start their beauty plans early – Ideally a year in advance if time allows. In saying that, if they don’t have the luxury of time, there are still some great changes that can be made to up the ante on your usual beauty routine to get the best possible results for your big day.” – Dr. Jones.

Here, Dr Jones {pictured above} shares her tips on when and how to start your skin preparation for glowing wedding skin…

12-18 months before

“If you are over a year out from your wedding day, this is the time for you to start considering those big skin procedures and start developing your skincare routine,” says Dr Jones. “This is an ideal time to book in for a consultation with a skincare specialist to develop a beauty regime together that will take your right up to your wedding day,” she added. “Firstly, it is important to incorporate adequate SPF protection and active ingredients that will contribute to your healthy skin,” suggests Dr Jones.

If you are considering more invasive treatments Dr Jones would recommend introducing an anti-wrinkle regimen to your wedding preparations. “To prevent any post-botox facial surprises we have to start early to ensure that we get the correct dosage and pattern for pre-wedding events,” says Dr Jones. She also recommends commencing regular laser facials, laser peels and CO2 laser treatments a year out. “This is crucial for acne sufferers and is the best way to get your skin conditions under control for the big day,” added Dr Jones.

Dr Jones says a brides age may also influence the treatments they undergo. “For brides in their thirties noticing an early volume loss in their face, this is the perfect time to start introducing fillers to your skin – this will help volumise, contour and lift your face,” says Dr Jones. “For those more mature women, more intensive treatments may need to be considered for more of an intense volumizing effect such as an upper eyelid blepharoplasty, skin resurfacing, fat assisted stem cell transfer, liposculpture and thread lifting. These procedures will give optimal results, and will be evident several months down the track,” says Dr Jones.

6 -12 months before

Dr. Jones suggests that for those considering fat-assisted stem cell transfers and thread lifting, six to 12 months out from the wedding is the ideal time to begin treatment as results tend to peak at 12 months post the procedure. “This may also be a good time to take your skin for a bit of a polish as well and start considering a laser peel to complement the results of the fat-assisted stem cell transfer,” says Dr. Jones.

3 months before

“By the 90-day mark, any fillers and injectable moisturisers should really be done by now to allow enough time for them to settle and for any symmetry issues to be addressed,” says Dr Jones. “Although there are very little complications with injectables, I would not recommend doing it close to the wedding date and three months gives the bride the perfect period for any tweaks to be actioned,” added Dr Jones.

Additionally, Dr Jones suggests that another peel could be desirable to rid the skin of sun-related pigmentation and give the perfect wedding glow.

4 weeks before

One month out from your wedding day is perfect for a Beauty Booster. “This involves giving the skin a thin layer of hyaluronic acid plus the essential vitamins and minerals that would be injected into the skin. Despite a few days of light bruising, you’ll see its worth and patients will notice its full effects two-three weeks later,” says Dr Jones. “This procedure will also assist in counteracting the negative effects of alcohol on the skin – keeping it radiant and moisturised from within,” added Dr Jones.

3 weeks before

Dr Jones advises against trying new treatments or creams within a few weeks of the wedding. “Skin can be very sensitive and you wouldn’t want to risk setting off an allergic reaction or an acne breakout before the wedding,” said Dr Jones.

Lastly, it’s advised by Dr Jones to stick to your essentials. “Have that final pre-wedding laser facial and anti-wrinkle injection. By this time, your cosmetic physician would know your specific needs such as a bespoke laser facial as well as the perfect anti-wrinkle pattern and dosage,” said Dr Jones.


Dr Phoebe currently practises as Concept Cosmetic Medicine.
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