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beauty insider: how to fake GREAT HAIR

Nikki Yazxhi

how to fake great hair


can work wonders on your hair, no matter what condition it’s in,
you can fake great hair…

Beyond what we’ve told you at least a zillion times before—{to use a rich conditioner regularly}— here’s the top tips for faking healthy hair till you make it truly healthy again…

1. Split ends are a dead giveaway of damage. To mend them temporarily, rub a dab of non-liquidy styling cream between your fingers and pinch it over frayed pieces. Hand cream also does the trick; if you’ve got nothing else, conditioner will work, but only use the teeniest-tiniest dab or your ends will look stringy.

2. When your roots are oily and there’s no time to shower, nothing sops up the sebum as well as dry shampoo. Powders are less sticky and a bit easier to apply than sprays, but they can result in white patches on your scalp. To ensure an even application, sprinkle the powder onto a fine-tooth comb, then rake it through your roots.

3. If you have broken hairs around your hairline, get a fringe. They also make fine hair look fuller. Just be sure to ask your stylist for a thick, not wispy, set.

4. Flatten out flyaways: Mist a little hair spray between your palms or onto a clean toothbrush, then smooth over. The result won’t be as greasy as with a cream or serum, especially if your hair is fine. For really stubborn strands, add a second layer of spray and blow-dry flat on low speed.

5. An at-home glossing treatment leaves hair with the kind of lustre you see in shampoo ads—and lasts longer than ordinary shine spray (through several shampoos versus several hours). Bonus: It also helps hide grey roots and fading highlights.

{Pic: Allure}


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