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make-up class: BARELY-THERE MAKE-UP

Nikki Yazxhi

barely there make-up


you can mix it up a bit!

Here’s the basics you need to know to update a barely-there look:
* Super-natural doesn’t have to mean bare so even out skintone with a fine layer of tinted moisturiser and use concealer with a brush where needed and finish with a light dusting of powder from a puff.
* To accentuate eyes when going for the barely-there trend, use a soft eyeliner brush with an espresso brown eye-shadow to softly outline as close to the lash line as possible.
* Choose shades that are as close to your natural skin glow as possible. Cheeks should be one shade darker than your naturally pinched glow and lipstick should match your natural lip colour and look like a stain. You also need to see your lip texture through the lips not the lipstick sitting on top.
* Don’t use a nude shades straight up – use your finger instead and press onto the lip so it looks like a stain rather than a solid colour. And don’t be afraid of using gloss!
{Pic: Byrdie}


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