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beauty insider: how to blow dry LIKE A PRO

Nikki Yazxhi


Here’s how to blow-dry like your hairdresser…

* Apply a twenty cent sized dollop of straightening balm to clean, wet hair before you start to towel dry. The excess water will help distribute the balm evenly and prevent product overload.

* Blot hair dry with  a towel first to avoid damaging the hair shaft.

* Detangle locks with a wide-tooth comb – starting at the ends and working up to the roots to avoid any knots damaging your hair.

* Blow-dry hair haphazardly until it’s at least 80 percent dry. Sopping wet hair takes too long to blow dry – and won’t hold your style.

* Separate your hair into small, workable sections, then use your brush to pull each section taut as you dry it completely starting from your roots working your way to the ends. Always aim the dryer down the hair shaft – it helps the hair cuticle lie flat which is the trick to sleek hair.

* Once dry, blast your hair with cool air to seal the cuticles, then spritz lightly with shine spray.

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