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beauty Q & A: how often should you WASH YOUR PILLOWCASES?

Nikki Yazxhi

how often should you wash your pillowcase?


and the answer is {probably} more than you’re washing them now! Why…

…because: Your pillowcase collects all kinds of ‘yuck’ that can clog the pores on your face over time… from hair styling products to conditioner residue left on your hair post-shower to natural scalp oils to grime and grease on your body – all of which can cause your skin to breakout! You can also carry pollen and dust in your hair, which if you suffer from hayfever, can rub off on your pillow and irritate your sinuses.
Beauty and skincare experts recommend you change your pillowcase every three days {I think even more-so in Summer} – and they recommend you don’t use fabric softener, it can create a film that can cause breakouts too! Washing sheets regularly in hot water, and vacumming your mattress, also kills off dust mites that can cause allergies, leaving you with  puffy or itchy eyes.
Our favourite range of laundry products are made by ecostore – their products are healthier and safer for your family and the environment. We especially love their Geranium and Orange Laundry powder – you can shop their entire range online and find your closest stockist here
{Source: Lazy Day Lingerie}


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