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hotel hot-list: ANDAZ WEST HOLLYWOOD

Nikki Yazxhi




The Andaz West Hollywood is an iconic LA hotel which was once referred to as the Riot House for its rock & roll parties hosted by legends like Led Zeppelin, The Who and The Rolling Stones. Since then the Andaz West Hollywood has evolved into a sexy urban oasis with a touch of vintage glamour, and Los Angeles’ highest rooftop pool {you can just imagine the parties that went on back in the day!} It’s a gotta-stay destination when you go to LA! {Sidenote: Spinal Tap and Almost Famous were filmed here!}

Here’s a visual tour…

Seriously ‘celeb/star’ cool… here’s a little more on how we rate the Andaz West Hollywood:

THE LOCALITY RATING: The Andaz sits between The Hollywood Hills and Sunset Strip, so we were kinda pretty close to everything {as much as you can be in LA}.

THE G&T RATING: OMG, amazing. Sitting by the pool overlooking the Hills and Sunset, the G&T’s were pretty special. {Loved the pink and white striped towels too!}

THE VIBE RATING: Very very cool. Everyone was uber-COOL {but without the too-cool attitude}.  The vibe of the hotel, very ‘now’ and very rock star.

THE KID-FACTOR RATING: Okay this is not a ‘kid’ hotel as such, but nothing was a problem when it came to the boys’ wants and needs – and they just LOVED the hotel. The room service pizza, a BIG winner!

The {great-sized} LATHER products were divine, and OMG the scent of the range was just heaven!

THE PILLOW RATING: Superb! The beds, the sheets, the pillows = perfect nights sleep.

THE LAUNDRY RATING: Much needed at this point in the trip – and they didn’t disappoint + I loved the quote on the laundry bags… “Laundry is the only thing that should be separated by colour.”

THE MINI-BAR RATING: Clever and helpful – and FREE wi-fi, chips and non-alcoholic drinks – makes a big diff when you’re travelling as family!

Keeping with the rock star vibe, Andaz West Hollywood has an ongoing event series known as Andaz Salon, which encourages creative inspiration and connects the community with local influencers and up-and-coming talent, {like seen in the video below}. Learn more at www.AndazSalon.com.

FOR MORE INFO and TO MAKE A BOOKING, visit www.westhollywood.andaz.hyatt.com

and connect with them here:
facebook: facebook.com/AndazWestHollywood
twitter: twitter.com/andazweho
instagram: instagram.com/andazweho


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