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holiday hair #3: THE KNOTTED UPDO

Nikki Yazxhi


Here’s our third French girl ‘dos that is perfect for holiday evening dates
and how you can copy it in less than 10 minutes

If  you’re looking for New Year’s Eve party ‘do, you’re going to love this style created by friends at Franck Provost. Also a bit perfect for summer holiday season and beyond.

Here’s the third do: {the other two here are here}

1. Mist your hair with Sea Salt spray and dry roughly with your fingers to create a soft messy texture.

2. Create a deep side part from the forehead all the way to the neck and divide hair into two sections. Begin a classic three strand braid starting from the side part, picking up alternating pieces of hair to form a classic French braid.

3. Braid all the way down to the end of the hair, leaving about 1.5 inches on the bottom and secure with an elastic. Next braid the other section in the same manner and secure with an elastic so you have two braids.

4. Begin loosening the braid by pulling out different sections of the plait in varying sizes so it looks romantic and softly dishevelled. Lightly mist with hairspray such as L’Oréal Tecni.Art Air Fix.

5. Once you have loosened and pulled out sections of each braid, take elastics and wrap around the hair as if you were creating a bubble ponytail, about two-inches above the bottom elastic. Keep working up in sections until you have the desired look, which could be 3-5 elastics per braid depending on the length of the hair.

6. Take each bubble braid and wrap around the side of the head to form a crown, securing into place with bobby pins. Continue to pull out pieces until you have the desired messy texture and shape. Apply a final mist of hairspray to fix the look.


For more information, visit www.franckprovost.com.au
and follow instagram.com/franckprovostaus

{Pics: Franck Provost}


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