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Nikki Yazxhi


Simply make smart food choices and you can leave your healthy / bikini-body
guilt behind.

Here’s our guide to the best kilojoule-clever / healthier options that still taste great and leave you feeling satisfied {no carrots necessary}.

Treats every now and again, in moderation, are totally fine if your usual diet is healthy and you exercise regularly. A little of what you like, and to enjoy your food and to feel satisfied is important, but do it in a smart way that doesn’t blow the summer weight goals! Remember, control your snacks, don’t let them control you!

Here’s the healthy/slimmer-summer food scene advice…

AT THE MOVIES: Although popcorn is healthy, the buttered variety at the movies is not {a large size has 2260 kilojoules/28.8 grams fat}, so try getting your ‘nibble-through-the movie’ treat fix with a packet of M&M’s {55g pack} that has 1130 kilojoules/11.5 grams fat. If a chocolate bar is more tempting to your tastebuds, flick the Mars bar {that has 1050 kilojoules/ 9.5grams fat} in favour of a Milky Way {that only has 465 kilojoules / 3.7 grams fat}.

AT MARKET DAY / AMUSEMENT PARK: If you need a sugar fix, fairy floss {that has 547 kilojoules/ 0 grams fat} will win out kilojoule-wise over a frozen coke {that has 950 kilojoules/0 grams fat}. If you want something more substantial, choose a hot dog {that has 1467 kilojoules/13.4 grams fat}, instead of a sausage roll {that has 2028 kilojoules/26.7 grams fat} – but keep in mind, add tomato sauce {to either} and you’re adding 103 kilojoules and 5g of sugar!

AT THE CAFE: A chocolate chip cookie {879 Kilojoules/ 9.7g fat} wins out big-time over the smallest slice of chocolate mud cake, {that has 1815 kilojoules a slice / 22 g fat}. Another option: toasted banana bread {that has 770 kilojoules a slice / 7 grams fat}, just remember if you add butter, you add 620 kilojoules and 16.6 grams of fat.

AT YOUR CHRISTMAS PARTY: Peanuts are healthy, right? Yes, but a small bowl of these ‘hard-to-stop eating’ snacks has an astounding 3505 kilojoules / 68.8 grams fat, while of bowl of crisp chips has 2899 kilojoules/46.3 grams fat. Your better options would be pretzels {that have 2099 kilojoules / 9.6 grams fat} or cashews {797 kilojoules/15.4g fat}.

AT THE SATURDAY ARVO BBQ: Be smart about your cuts of meat you’re bbq-ing. Rump steak with fat has 965 kilojoules / 9g fat while the leaner version {without the fat} knocks it back to 777 kilojoules/ 5.8g fat. And when it comes to salads, potato salad {1076 kilojoules / 10.4 g fat} is far healthier and a lot kinder to your waistline, than pasta salad which weight in with 1760 kilojoules / 22 g fat.

AT THE GELATO BAR: A thick shake seems pretty harmless, but it actually has {approx} twice the kilojoules and fat {1365 kilojoules/3.3 grams fat} of two scoops of ice cream, which has 816 kilojoules/11 grams fat. Try two scoops of sorbet instead {that has 520 kilojoules/ 0 grams fat}, or just go for one scoop of ice cream, and choose the most natural flavour.

MOVIE NIGHT IN: A plate of nachos seems the perfect food to have while vegging in front of a DVD, but it’s high in both kilojoules and fat, weighing in a whopping 4624 kilojoules, 59g fat. Your better option would be a couple of slices of cheese pizza {1142 kilojoules / 10g fat a slice}, just make sure you know when to stop – and try to eat it with a salad. It will help you resist the urge to reach for another piece and will help you digest the meal a whole lot better.

{Pic: Byrdie}


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