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healthy home: how-to CHEMICAL-FREE your BATHROOM

Nikki Yazxhi

chemical-free bathroom


and have been for at least 5 years – here’s why…

I was introduced to ENJO in 2011 and I haven’t used a ‘household’ chemical cleaner since then… even in the bathroom! {Yes, and I have two boys, and I only use ENJO to clean the bathroom, true story! More about that in a bit!} I first met Barb De Corti, ENJO’s founder and I REALLY related to her story of how ENJO began. It all came about when she was trying to find relief for her son who suffered really bad asthma, after many trips to the hospital on a Saturday night, she deducted that her son’s bad asthma attacks were happening just after she’d done a huge house clean, with chemical cleaners which she thought was getting rid and germs and bacteria to help her son – when in fact, it was doing th opposite, it was triggering it! Once she stopped using the cleaning products, his asthma eased!
After hearing this, I tried this myself at home. I stopped using ‘spray and wipes’ and almost instantly Hubbie’s and Mr 12 sinus problems eased, so did Mr 12’s eczema. Seriously amazing, yes. So since then, ENJO are the only products we use to clean the whole house.
We use all the ENJO products but I particularly like the bathroom products for this reason… again another Barb story. When she was researching how effective her products were and how damaging traditional cleansers were, they tried this test {and this has stuck with me}: Try rubbing some garlic on your feet and then step into the shower and run the hot water. In a coupla minutes, you’ll taste garlic! Yep, so everytime you hop into the shower that you’ve cleansed with bleach or ‘power’ products, your body is absorbing them! Scary? Especially when you think of your kids sitting in the bath after you’ve cleaned it! {That freaked me out!}

Here’s some other facts that will freak you out!

Did you know…
* Almost 17,000 people are poisoned every year by household chemicals cleaners. So it’s ironic that what is sending around 50 people a day to hospital are actually the toxic cleaning products we think are protecting us.
* Chemical sprays fill the air with toxic ingredients, leaving a danferous residue.
* 95% of household cleaning chemicals are untested!

And before you start thinking you need all that bleach and bathroom products to keep your bathroom free of bacteria, mould and smells, you don’t. A simple wet, wipe and dry with water and ENJO Fibre is all that’s needed to beat calcium, mould, soap and bacteria. Seriously, watch this video for more of an explaination:

your chemical-free bathroom essentials

ENJO’s fabulous Bathroom products and water are all you need for a sparkling clean shower, sink, bath and toilet – here’s the products I use: {click each one for more details & to buy online!}
[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 30450,30445,30444,30448″ limit=”4″ link=”custom” target=”blank” width=”280″ height=”280″]
+ heres is the perfect opportunity for you to try for yourself: 
So to beat those bathroom blues and rid your home of toxic chemical cleaners, take advantage of our Bathroom Special! Host your own ENJO Demo in September and you’ll receive an ENJO Bathroom Glove and Miracle valued at $93 for FREE*, when you purchase any Bundle! The only thing cleaner than your bathroom, will be your conscience.
{all your contact details are below!}
To shop ENJO, contact your local ENJOpreneur or shop online,
visit: www.enjo.com.au/shop or call 1800 222 540
+ connect & follow them here:
youTube: youtube.com/user/marketingenjo
facebook: facebook.com/ENJOAus
twitter: twitter.com/ENJO_Australia
instagram: instagram.com/enjo_australia

This post was done in collaboration with ENJO Australia.
{*bellaMUMMA only collaborates with brands and products she would recommend to her friends!}


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