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homemade dairy, and we’re talking yogurt, is even better! But before you freak out about making your own yogurt, read on…

So you know that dairy foods are number one for bones and teeth. But did you know having enough milk, yogurt and cheese can be good for your heart, blood pressure and weight?
Milk, cheese and yogurt are naturally full of important nutrients such as calcium and protein. The unique package of vitamins and minerals they provide means these dairy foods have some pretty important health benefits!
In fact, the Australian Dietary Guidelines say that consumption of milk, cheese and yogurt is linked to a reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and colorectal cancer – some of the main causes of death in Australia. Dairy consumption is also associated with a healthy weight and has been shown to play an important role in sport and exercise performance.
Because of these great health benefits the Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend we include milk, yogurt, cheese every day as part of a balanced diet. But most Australians aren’t having enough! {Think about it, are you?}
And that’s why we love EasiYo, as the name says, it’s ‘easy yogurt’ and what can be better than that… well the fact that it’s homemade + the fact it’s packed with everything you and your family need to stay happy and healthy…
why homemade?
Probiotic cultures require special conditions to survive, so they have a much shorter shelf life once activated in yogurt. It is measured in days. And here lies the secret to probiotic yogurt’s health properties. For the full health benefits of probiotic yogurt the cultures must be live and active. The fresher the yogurt, the greater the health benefits… you can’t get any fresher than homemade!

why we love EasiYo yogurt:
EasiYoIt’s full of good culture: To gain the benefits of yogurt, the cultures in it need to be LIVE. But as these cultures last just days, freshly-made yogurt is only way of ensuring you receive the optimum benefits.
We’re talking about the live Lactic cultures! These cultures are responsible for milk’s coagulation in yogurt production, and they also help give yogurt its flavour and aroma. All EasiYo yogurts contain Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus acidophilus. Some certain products also contain the Bifidobacterium Lactis strain. The combination gives EasiYo its wonderful taste and texture.
It’s perfect for vegetarians: All EasiYo yogurts are suitable for vegetarians, but not vegans as they contain dairy products.
It’s non-GM (Genetically Modified): All ingredients in EasiYo yogurts are specified Non-GM.
It’s wheat and gluten free: All EasiYo yogurts are gluten and wheat free. The starch in our pulps is derived from corn. Any glucose is dextrose and the maltodextrin is tapioca.
It contains more calcium: EasiYo is also a source of calcium. Each cup (200gms) of EasiYo yogurt delivers 30% or more of the recommended daily requirement for nutritional *calcium.
It provides you with natural fats: Although much of the yogurt sold in industrialized countries is produced from skimmed milk, traditional yogurt has always contained some 3-4% milk fat. EasiYo Natural, EasiYo Greek and EasiYo Sweet Flavoured yogurts provide this level of essential natural fats, making them a good source of energy and nourishment.
It’s lower in kilojoules: By substituting Low Fat EasiYo yogurt for such foods as cream, mayonnaise, cream cheese or easiyo-yogurt-makersour cream, you can help look after your weight without giving up the joys of eating good food.  EasiYo yogurt comes in regular (whole milk), reduced fat and low-fat varieties. CLICK HERE to see the entire range
EasiYo NATURAL yogurt has 109 mg per 140g powder / or 10.9 mg per 100g of made-up yogurt.
EasiYo SKIMMERS yogurt has 27.7mg per 140g powder / or 2.8 mg per 100g of made-up yogurt.
It’s made in New Zealand: In New Zealand there are ‘clean & green’ areas, and there are ‘CLEAN & GREEN’ areas of the country. All EasiYo products are made using the finest premium New Zealand milk powder which is derived from our free-range cows that graze the most pristine and fertile pastures on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island. This area is known locally as ‘Godzone’, because of its untouched beauty and perfect farming climate. {If you’ve been to New Zealand and driven through the countryside, you’d totally understand!}
+EasiYo yogurt is easy to make {even the kids can do it} – stay tuned for our ‘how-easy-EasiYo-is’ video
+ visit www.easiyo.com for more details & follow them socially HERE
facebook: facebook.com/EasiYo-Yogurt-Official-Page
twitter: twitter.com/@EasiYoYogurt
youtube: youtube.com/channel/EasiYoYogurt


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