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Nikki Yazxhi

the breakfast club - why breakfast is so important


Only thing, according to new research, we’ve been eating the wrong kinds of breakfast. But don’t pack away your breakfast bowl just yet, we’ve got what you need to get your brekkie back on track…

A RECAP: WHY BREKKIE IS IMPORTANT? Eating breakfast not only ‘breaks’ the overnight ‘fast’, it kick-starts your metabolism and gives your brain energy to focus. It also helps balance blood sugar levels and sustain energy throughout the day – and helps manage stress hormone levels.
SKIPPING BREAKFAST, WHAT’S THE HARM? If you skip breakfast, you’re just setting yourself up to be on the backburner, nutritionally and energy-wise, all day. Not only that, it can be the start of a revolving cycle of bad habits that includes overeating sugar and fat-laden foods to compensate for low-blood sugar and energy levels.
BREAKFAST BLUNDERS: WHERE WE TEND TO GO WRONG? Choosing commercial sugary cereals and highly processed breads for the first meal of the day can put you on the slippery-slope to reaching for more unhealthy treats mid-morning to give you a ‘lift’. These breakfast choices contain “empty” kilojoules that will spike blood sugar levels after breakfast then fall a few hours later. This “blood sugar rollercoaster” that comes after a sweet breakfast can leave you feeling irritable and generally low in both mood and energy.
SIZE COUNTS: Eating a big breakfast is not the right way to go either. New research has found if you have a big breakfast, you tend to continue the trend all day, taking in more kilojoules than you actually need. It’s much more beneficial to eat smaller meals, including breakfast, and snack {sensibly} during the day.
THE PERFECT BREAKFAST MIX: A nutritional breakfast should contain a balanced combination of:
* proteins in the form of dairy food, eggs or beans
* low GI (slow release) carbohydrates such as whole grain breads and cereals
* fibre found in fruits, vegetables, seeds, beans and lentils, oat bran and whole grain cereals
* and good fats found in avocado, macadamia, linseeds, walnuts, soyabeans and oily. fish, if you’re game.
breakfast in a jar
design love fest breakfast parfaits
makes 3-4 servings
• plain greek yogurt
• 1 cup water
• frozen raspberries + blueberries
• bananas
• honey
• raw buckwheat grouts (soaked over night and rinsed)
• vanilla granola
• chopped almonds
• figs
• grapes
how to make it:
• Combine the water, three cups greek yogurt, frozen raspberries, 1/4 honey and 2 bananas in a blender. Blend on high until smooth with no chunks. pour equally into three or four separate containers {or jars, like above}!
• You can use the frozen blueberries first in the smoothie base so that they melted and added an extra sweetness. The figs are also a big hit. If you’ve never used buckwheat grouts, make sure to buy them raw and soak them over night – they’re good for you and they have a nice texture, so give them a go!
{Recipe & pics: Design Love Fest}

70508_1WE LOVE HOMEMADE YOGURT because it has less artificial ingredients, additives and stabilisers than store-bought yogurt… which is why we’re HUGE fans of Easiyo – and their very-cute new addition {pictured right}…
EasiYo yogurt is delicious, nutritious, vegetarian and gluten free, so-easy to make – and they’ve just extended their line-up of yogurt makers with the release of their new super-cute mini yogurt maker. Featuring a retro apple green finish, the cute/convenient 500 gram size means you can now enjoy the goodness of fresh, homemade yogurt in a new smaller sized tub.
This little EasiYo addtion makes yogurt that is thick, creamy and delicious, just like it’s bigger Classic counterpart. The secret is in its ability to keep the fermentation process consistent. To enhance this process and maintain the right temperature during the developing phase, a layer of New Zealand wool has been inserted within the walls of the mini yogurt maker, helping to ensure a consistent yogurt each time.
You simply mix an EasiYo yogurt sachet with water, shake, then pour boiling water into the maker, up to the fill line, insert the jar in the maker, and wake up to a mini 500 gram pot of the freshest, tastiest yogurt – made by you. EasiYo mini yogurt maker is RRP $17.99 and EasiYo 3 x 500g yogurt sachets from RRP $7.99
CLICK HERE to buy your EasiYo Yogurt maker online or find a stockist close to you
+ visit www.easiyo.com for more details & follow them socially HERE
facebook: facebook.com/EasiYo-Yogurt-Official-Page
twitter: twitter.com/@EasiYoYogurt
youtube: youtube.com/channel/EasiYoYogurt


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