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says bM contributor and paediatric nutritionist, Mandy Sacher

With the warmer months approaching, it’s the perfect opportunity to introduce new, healthier habits that will see your energy levels surge, your skin glow and perhaps even help you fit into your skinny jeans a little better. Here’s how:

Choose three things

When embarking on a new health regime, the key is to keep it simple and sustainable. If you’re going to go crazy trying to drastically change your diet, it’s unlikely that you’ll stick to it. So instead choose three key things you’d like to change – for example, cut out sugar, choose whole foods instead of packaged foods and increase the amount of vegies you eat. The chances are, once you’ve made these alterations to your lifestyle, it will have a positive knock-on effect on other areas of your life.

Start your day the right way

When you wake in the morning, drink a glass of water with a generous squeeze of lemon in it. This helps aid digestion, cleanses your liver and boosts your immune system thanks to the vitamin C content. Lemons are also alkalising, helping to balance your pH levels. For a healthy brekkie, try a bowl of chopped kiwi fruit, blueberries and blackberries with coconut yoghurt and a handful of nuts, or scrambled eggs and spinach on wholegrain toast. If you prefer a lighter breakfast, try a green banana smoothie – green bananas are low in sugar and contain plenty of resistant starch, which helps maintain good gut health.

Cut back on booze

While a glass of wine can be a nice way to unwind at the end of the day, it can also quickly become a habit. Aim to cut out alcohol from your diet for at least two weeks, and you’ll reap the benefits of improved sleep, a slimmer waistline, a clear head – as well as giving your liver a serious break. Stock up on delicious non-alcoholic drinks such as sparkling water, fresh vegetable juices, or make your own mocktail with soda, fresh lime and a splash of cranberry juice.

Boost your diet

Go grocery shopping and stock up on plenty of leafy green vegies; fruit such as berries, lemons and grapefruit; lean meat and wild-caught fish such as salmon, sardines, flathead, snapper, barramundi and trevally; full-fat, natural yoghurt and sheep’s or goats milk cheeses or dairy-free alternatives such as almond milk and coconut yoghurt. Ensure you include plenty of good oils in your diet when cooking, baking or dressing salads – such as extra-virgin olive oil, coconut or macadamia oil; plus walnuts, chia seeds and flaxseeds for snacking or adding to bliss balls.

Get moving

The warmer months offer a great opportunity to get more active in the great outdoors. A 30-minute walk every morning will get your body moving as well as helping to clear your head before the day begins. Take the opportunity to schedule in fun physical activity at the weekends too – a hike with friends, a family bike ride or a Frisbee session at the beach are all fun ways to socialise and get moving.

Treat yourself

A detox should not feel restrictive and miserable, but if you are missing some of the treats you usually enjoy, like wine and chocolate, then compensate by booking yourself in for massage or pedicure – you’ve earned it! And while you’re detoxing, try not to overextend yourself at work or socially. Let everyone know you’re taking some down time to take care of yourself.

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