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beauty insider: HAIR REHAB – part 1

Nikki Yazxhi



Here’s how to turn your nightmare hair into dream hair…

shampoo school

You know how fabulously clean your hair feels after a salon wash? You too can suds up like a pro at home. First make sure the strands a sopping wet. Next massage a dollop of shampoo into the root area with fingertips to cleanse the scalp thoroughly {dirt can cling to the scalp} and stimulate circulation.

Rinse in moderate temperature water until the water is clear, squeeze out excess moisture, then apply conditioner to the ends (where your hair is the driest) working up the mid-lengths to your roots. You can comb it through and leave for one to five minutes to allow the conditioner to seal and protect the hair.

Finally, rinse with cool water to close the hair shaft and help control the frizzies. The cool water rinse is great if you have oily hair as it closes the pores on the scalp and helps control the greasies.

oh behave!

When it comes to styling products, size is everything. The amount you use can make or break the appearance of your hair. Here’s the recommended styling stuff size…

styling stuff: MOUSSE
size guide: A golf ball
how to apply it: Let the product swell up in one hand, then use your other hand to apply it. When it’s almost gone, rub your hands together, then massage through the roots.

styling stuff: SHINE SERUM
size guide: A pea
how to apply it: Keep it away from your roots when applying. To control frizz, just coat the under layers of your hair. To boost shine, apply it lightly to the top layers.

styling stuff: GEL
size guide: A jelly bean
how to apply it: Rub the gel briskly between your palms and fingertips, then lightly run your hands over your hair to distribute the gel evenly.

styling stuff: WAX
size guide: An M&M
how to apply it: First soften the wax by warming it between your palms. Start apply the wax at the nape of your neck, then work your way forward to avoid greasy roots.

size guide: A ten cent coin
how to apply it: Rub it between your hands, then distribute it evenly over hair from roots to ends. Apply a bit more to frizzy areas.

feed your follicles

When your hair is in trouble, it’s often a sign you’re rundown. Your hair demands a steady stream of nutrients. Basically it’s so hungry it feels any deficiency sooner than the rest of your body.

Brittle or dry hair can be caused by a lack of iron, zinc or vitamin C. Dull hair, and a scalp that’s dry and flaky or generally in poor condition needs more vitamin A and essential fatty acids. While excessive hair loss or poor hair growth can be a sign that you’re suffering from a lack of vitamin B and C, and copper and zinc.

Protein is essential for healthy hair, however today’s diet tends to consist of predominantly processed food containing poorer quality protein. To improve your diets protein source you should aim to consume greater amounts of egg, meat, poultry, tofu, tuna and salmon. Essential fatty acids are vital for strong, fast growing, healthy hair, however these nutrients are almost always insufficient in our diets. A tablespoon of flaxseed oil daily, or greater consumption of fatty fish is recommended. Additionally, this will prevent dandruff.


{Pic: Elle}


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