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guided by the light: THE SECRET TO PERFECT MAKE-UP

Nikki Yazxhi

guided by the light: THE SECRET TO PERFECT MAKE-UP

THE SECRET TO PERFECT MAKE-UP? Applying it in a light source closest to the one you’ll be spending time in…

Here’s how to be guided by the light:

daylight: Daylight shows everything. If you apply your make-up in an artificially lit area, always check it in daylight – or better still, apply it in daylight.

night lighting: Night lighting is the most flattering light. Apply your make-up in soft light and remember you need to apply more make-up to create an impact.

fluorescent light: Fluro lighting can wash skin out and create bad shadows on your face. Bronzing powder, or rose or pink blush and lipstick help counteract the unflattering effects of fluoro light. Avoid orange or green make-up, it’s a disaster.

camera-flash light: Ever noticed your face is whiter than your chest in photos? It’s because the flash reflects light off the face (with foundation and powder) and the bare skin on your chest or neck absorbs the light. Next time you’re having your photo taken, apply bit of powder to your neck or chest.

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