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beauty insider: GOOD RELECTIONS

Nikki Yazxhi

good reflections

check your mirror options…

Here’s your ‘good reflections / mirror’ guide:
compact mirror: Perfect for touch-ups anywhere, in any light.
hand mirror: Used in conjunction with your bathhroom mirror you can check out your hair from every angle – and with your wall-mirror, you can get an every-angle view of your outfit.
the magnifying mirror: Great for close-ups – just remember to take a step back to check your full view to avoid lob-sided eyebrows and drag-queen make-up. A magnifying mirror is also great if wear glasses especially if you cut your make-up brushes and pencils shorter to allow a closer view.
rear-vision mirror: Perfect for plucking your eyebrows (when the car is turned off and parked) as you get daylight from all angles!
full-length mirror: Essential for the once-over before leaving the house. Try this trick: Turn away from the mirror and then turn back. Remove the first thing that catches your eye – heavy eyeliner, lipstick, anything that makes your face look off balance.
{Pic: Vogue}


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