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Nikki Yazxhi

Created by the super-talented Sarah Gale, she combines wardrobe curation with deep self-discovery, giving you profound confidence that connects you to your true worth inside and out. The results are life-changing…

We chatted to Sarah to find out more about her, and her revolutionary business. Read on to be inspired…

What is your title? Founder/Director

Is this your first business? I have a coaching and consultancy business as well, which focus on Authentic Leadership and Business consultancy/strategy.

How long have you had the business? Since 2015.

How has business changed since you first started? It continually evolves as I do as a person. The Wearing Your Worth program is so attuned to the individual and connecting them with their true identity and authenticity, through their wardrobe. When I first entered this space, I didn’t realise that everyone has their own three essences, so we looked more broadly. What I discovered early on, was all the stories that we tell ourselves when we get dressed and how this impacts as we show up in life, both in what we wear and then in a broader sense. And then, as time went on, each client’s style essences unfolded before my eyes – it was amazing!

How have you adapted? Initially, I concentrated on clients overall looks and what their emotional stories were within their wardrobe. These days, we identify within their wardrobe and style the areas that they are hiding in life and where they are staying small and then we unearth the parts of them that truly lights them up and connects them with their core identity, these are their own unique Style Essences. Everyone has them and they become a blueprint that determines each outfit.

What does an average day look like? That’s a hard one – never the same. If I am doing a wardrobe immersion with someone, then I normally do those from 10 am – 3 pm on average, so I may do emails first and after, although afterwards I am pretty spent and like to recharge in nature. Or if it is an evening session, then that’s a completely different story.

Do you get more work done morning or evening? Oh, I would have to say both! The early morning and late night seem to be the most creative for me. So if I am writing, then they are my preferences, it doesn’t do wonders for my sleep though! 🙂

One piece advise every new businesswoman needs to know? “Back yourself and focus on one or two things not a whole variety of things. I made this mistake and still pick myself up on it all the time. The hardest thing for me with Wearing Your Worth is that it is a new concept and there is a lot of education that goes with it. I am asking people to change their paradigm around clothes from just being an external covering to their body and instead asking them to consider that their choice of clothes are a direct reflection of their relationship with the whole of their lives – the patterns that show up in the wardrobe are the same that show up in relationships, work, social. If we are hiding in our clothes we are hiding in our lives. I have found this challenging to language, so there have been times that I have felt like walking away, yet I cannot, I know the power of transformation that takes place, I’ve seen it so many times with my clients. It blows me away. The advice is to keep remembering that first and foremost business is about service and the value you can bring to others.”

Any training you would recommend? This all depends on your strengths. I would suggest enhancing your strengths and if you have the resources, hire others to gap your development areas. However, I would suggest that if there are areas that you feel clueless about and are going to need to work in them to move your business forward, then research, learn and ask so you know what you are talking about when you hire someone to help you.

Do you have any productivity tips you’ve learnt? Do what you love and keep the momentum going, that’s how I shine best in productivity. I realised when I became distracted it was because I was working on parts that weren’t my strengths. So even if I have to do that, I intersperse with areas that light me up and are easy for me and that keeps me moving and producing.

How do you switch off from work?
I have been a daily meditator for about 23 years now, so that definitely helps. I walk in nature, do yoga and socialise. I love mixing with people and learning about others.

If you could advise your younger self something about what you know business wise, what would you say? It’s always about people and the value you can add. It’s sounds cliche – yet your WHY is what is most important.

Would you do it all again? Oh, that’s such a great question. … Yes.

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