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Nikki Yazxhi

INSPIRED AFTER LONG DAYS AT THE BEACH RESULTING IN DRY AND DAMAGED HAIR FROM SUN, SALT AND CHLORINE EFFECTS, former Bondi lifesaver Louise Bryant created clean haircare range ‘BLONDI BEACH’. Here’s her inside story…

BLONDI BEACH started at the beach with you in mind…

“Swimming daily, surf rescues and plenty of beach time result in damaged hair. I wanted a naturally derived product that would fix that, and so decided to formulate a range of clean hair products using ingredients that were least harmful yet effective,” says Louise.

The range was developed in Bondi under the guidance of cosmetic hair experts and features six purely-derived products, made with cruelty-free, vegan-friendly ingredients that are either naturally scented, allergen or fragrance-free. “Seeking advice from cosmetic hair experts and fragrance specialists was an immensely enjoyable process. I knew what I liked and they helped me discover what works,” says Louise.

Each product is multi-dimensional and can work in a number of ways including:
– Pre-shampoo for an intensive hair treatment
– Post-shampoo for a nourishing hair mask
– Pre-swim to protect strands against salt and chlorine effects
– Style onto dry ends and frizzy flyaways
– Apply for perfectly tamed eyebrows

“For now, we are only a small company with more products on the way.”

”I formulate the products at my home base at Bondi and then share with our local beach community to trial. They have embraced the brand and love the product range.”

says Louise Bryant, founder of BLONDI BEACH.

We asked Louise the bellamumma questions to find out more about her world…

Three words to describe you? Committed, honest and passionate.

What inspires you? Our brave surf lifesavers who volunteer their time to keep our beaches safe.

What’s your work title? Managing Editor, Vogue, GQ, Vogue Living and Founder BLONDI BEACH

What was your first-ever job? I worked behind the bar at the Hunters Hill Hotel

What did you want to be ‘when you were little’? A TV journalist. I’ve always wanted to work in media.

How did ‘Blondi Beach’ come about? I struggled with dry and damaged hair as I swim most days at the beach and found it tricky to find a hair product that would really nourish my hair. I’ve also been obsessed with hair (and beauty) products from a young age and so when I stumbled across an online resource all about cosmetic chemistry. I started to do some research (a lot of research) into ingredients and how products are formulated. I noticed there were better alternatives to silicone and harsh sulphates found in more commonly used products, so I decided to formulate my own, using ingredients that I liked. I work closely with a cosmetic chemist to ensure products are effective and least harmful to our health.

What’s your fave product and why? I’m personally loving the Deep End Repair Mask. It’s the perfect dry hair remedy for winter.

Explain your usual day? I’m lucky to live just metres from Bondi Beach so I try and start my day with an early swim and walk. Even now in June, the water is still quite warm and if not the sunrises are worth getting out of bed for – that and a coffee from Speedos – our local coffee shop. I’ll then jump into emails and head into work. We are now back at the office which I am enjoying after the Covid lockdown and with back to back zoom calls the day is over before I know it. On weekends I work on my hair range when I’m not socialising with friends.

What ‘makes your day’? My Speedos Coffee! Plus I like to ensure I’m working smarter every day but above all else making sure that I “eat the frog”. For those familiar with Brian Tracy’s productivity hack, it’s a great way to avoid procrastination.

Three things in your life you can’t live without? Beach, friends and family.

3 fave songs on rotation at the moment? Anything from Tash Sultana, Tones and I, and Amy Shark – all 3 great Aussie female artists.

Fave podcasts? I find inspiration hearing founder stories on Seize The Yay and How I Built This. There have been some incredible True Crime series. I was especially floored by The Drop Out which followed the story of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos.

What are you reading? Vogue.com.au, GQ.com.au and also business books. I love anything from the Harvard Business Review series.

Fave place to escape to? Mudgee and Bathhurst. I have friends who live there now and having grown up in the country I love any excuse to get back to regional NSW

How do you relax? Swimming. You never regret a swim!

Best piece of life advice you’ve received? Be informed. Be involved and make a point of difference.

What will you be doing 5 years time? Working and still doing what I love.

For more BLONDI BEACH details and to shop,

visit: www.blondibeachhair.com
& follow on instagram here: instagram.com/blondibeachhair