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OUR VERY FIRST GIRL BOSS POST FEATURES THE BEAUTIFUL EMELIE COSTECHAREYRE, DESIGNER & CREATIVE DIRECTOR, FROM ELVIS ET MOI. We chat to her about having her own jewellery business and how she stays organised, and inspired…

Emelie Costechareyre is the brains and {French beauty} behind the beautiful jewellery brand, Elvis et Moi. She is one of our favourite girl bosses who designs jewellery pieces from the most delicate to the most stand-out. We chatted to her about growing business…

Is Elvis et Moi your first business?
Yes, it is my first baby, more like a teenager now {haha}!

How long have you had the business?
I have had my business up and running for seven beautiful years now.

What does your usual work day involve?
First, I read my emails, and see what we will have to do that day. Next I fulfill all our online orders, work on wholesale pieces, and serve our beautiful customers in our retail shop in Mosman. At night, when everybody has left the shop, is when I can come up with new ideas, and create. Creating and interacting with our lovely customers is what I prefer.

How has business changed since you first started?
Well, we have grown a lot since I first started. Luckily, my passion became a living, and I am grateful for it everyday.

How have you adapted?
I have adapted by surrounding myself with amazing people. I am extremely lucky to have like-minded staff who work with me everyday, and help me grow the business even bigger.

One piece advise every new business woman needs to know?
Surround yourself with amazing people, and if you don’t know to do something, delegate. Oh and get a GREAT accountant.

Any training you would recommend?
I have trained myself, so I can’t really recommend any training in jewellery, but I will strongly recommend any training on how to grow a business, and how to get organised. My friend Beck Wadworth, from An Organised Life has a workshop on organisation, and I can NOT recommend it hightly enough!

If you could advise your younger self something about what you know business wise, what would you say?
I will tell her, to always believe in herself, that things always end up being okay, and that sometimes a door that closes, opens to an other one, brighter, better, bigger. And probably also not to stress! That failure is no such a thing, and that if you do believe in your dream and surround yourself with positive people, you will reach any of your goals. To always stay positive, no matter what.

Would you do it all again?
In a flash, all of it, the laughs and the tears!

connect with Emelie

visit www.elvisetmoi.com to see, and buy, her jewellery online
& follow: instagram.com/elvisetmoi


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