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Nikki Yazxhi

You may know {and love her too} from her contributing posts, which is why we also wanted her to share her #girlboss advice…

What is the name of your business?
Aristides Fine Jewels

What is your title?
Creative Director

How long have you had the business?
7 years

How has business changed since you first started?
Hugely! The trends in fine jewellery are always changing. Traditionally fine jewellery was bought for you, for a birthday gift 21st or 30th, an engagement – but now women are much more focused and know what they want for themselves. They aren’t waiting for the diamonds to be given to them, they’re buying themselves the diamonds!

How have you adapted?
Through Instagram we are very connected to our customer – we have direct communication … and we listen to what they want, and the questions they ask. And we adapt this within our style and aesthetics as a brand. Customers are spoilt for choice and there is so much information and options available… you really need to cut through that noise and reach your customers. Its tempting to be all things to all people but you can’t. I particularly found that hard to accept… but now it means we are more focused on what our message and style is.

One piece advice every new business woman needs to know?
Know your niche. Be true to yourself. They are all clichés but they are so very true. Take the time to really nut out who you are… then everything else seems to fall into place more. You wont say yes to everything, you will say yes to what works for your brand and you. Sometimes I think as women we don’t want to say no, but saying ‘No’ might be exactly what is right for your brand.

Any training you would recommend?
I believe in having a mentor – someone who can guide you and assist you in your business journey. Try and find a mentor that will challenge, and guide, you.

If you could advise your younger self something about what you know business wise, what would you say?
Stop for five minutes… its not a race. Its ok to evolve and change!

Would you do it all again?
Yes and no! I rushed back into things after my first child was born, and I regret not chilling a bit more.

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