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Nikki Yazxhi

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that the special people in our lives are worth their weight in gold. With Christmas right around the corner, we can’t think of a more perfect present to show your love and appreciation and make your family and friend bonds even stronger.

Photo albums and custom photo books have always been a popular way to call on memorable moments, but this year we think they’re even more special this year – and this Christmas. We asked Ted’s Cameras to share why they think photo albums are the best-customised gifts – here’s what they thought – and we totally agree…

1. They’re timeless

Some gifts go out of fashion within a season or two, and others are used soon after (like edible presents and concert tickets). The beauty of a photo book is that it will always be relevant and cherished for years to come, so it’s a gift with sentimental value. It’s compact and easily accessible, too. Your giftee can slide the album onto a bookshelf, place it on the coffee table or store it somewhere else in their home that gets a lot of foot traffic. That way, it’s there whenever they feel like flicking through it and reminiscing. We’ve also heard of people leaving their photo book at the office so they can lean on happy memories during the workday (and help their colleagues put a face to their partner or kids’ names!).

2. They hold plenty of memories

When you gift a photo frame, you have to carefully think about which photo will make the cut. But with a personalised photo album, those limitations don’t exist. You can fill a photo book with dozens or even hundreds of images, making them a great way to commemorate the bond you share with your loved ones.

photo-book inspiration & ideas

* Celebrate a major milestone. Along with single-day events like weddings and graduations, you could also put together a photo-bookmarking little milestones, like all the progress your child made before their first birthday. Think first words, first steps and first smile!

* Document a recent event. Instead of storing the images from your latest holiday on your phone or hard drive, why not make a photo book? The memories will be tangible, and anyone flicking through the photobook will want to know the stories behind the pictures.

* Create a throwback album. Struggling to find the perfect gift for a special someone you’ve known for a long time? A retrospective album is a foolproof option. It’s a popular anniversary present, and we have a lot of clients who think they’re the best gift for parents or grandparents who are retiring so they always have happy memories to look back on.

*Stick to a specific theme. Annual photo books are a good example. They walk the recipient through the highlights from the past year and showcase the ways people have grown and what they celebrated. You could even make annual photo books a tradition and add to the series each year. There are so many other themes you could explore, too — like visual recipe books, pet photo books, and chronological albums that trace your family tree through photos.

3. They’re easily personalised

If you find store-bought albums a little plain, shop around for a more creative gift option or spend some time personalising your album to make it more thoughtful. Along with choosing a custom cover and unique album style, play around with the way you present your photos. With dry mount photo albums, you can pick photo corners, borders and backgrounds, and tap into your scrapbooking talents to personalise each page. This could be as simple as adding a short description detailing where and when images were taken, as well as your own recollection of the events unfolding. Your recipient will appreciate the effort you put into their gift, as well as the personal touches!

4. They can inspire creativity

There’s no rule that says you have to fill every single page with photos. You could also give your recipient a chance to flex their creative muscles by leaving some — or all — pages blank. To help them take a walk down memory lane, you might add headings or ideas to some of the pages. Think “my favourite family photo” or “this is what Christmas looked like this year.”

5. They help you stay connected to your photos

Since we all carry a phone with a camera in our pocket or handbag, we take more photos these days than in past generations. On the flip side, this also means we print less and less photos. By creating a physical photo album, you’re giving your photos a home outside of your phone. You’re also increasing the likelihood that they’ll be cherished for longer (rather than deleted when our storage space is creeping up). If you ask us, turning your photos into a book is a good habit to get into! It’s the best way to store your photos. You might even boost your recipient’s love of printed images. If they absolutely love an image, consider printing it out as a poster or on canvas for a future present.

6. They fuel the storytelling tradition

Humans are natural storytellers. It’s how we’ve always communicated with each other and passed down culture and traditions, and photo albums are a beautiful channel for that. While reminiscing on treasured memories is heartwarming, there’s always another story to be told. You could hint at more stories to come by leaving empty space in the back of your photo album, or gift two photo albums: one full and one empty. This will encourage your recipient to continue the story on their own.

Print your custom photo book now

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