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thankfully our neighbours told us about an amazing Pet Resort, where they send their puppy – and he loves it!

We love family holidays, but it kills us that we can’t take Jake {above} with us {he’s so much part of the family} – but what can you really do, every holiday is not going to be pet-friendly! Last year when we went away, our gorgeous neighbours looked after him {which was perfect} but this time they’re going to be away the same time as us. Thankfully our other lovely neighbours mentioned that they always put Cruz into puppy holiday care when they go on holidays and he/they love it! So I got the number, called Pet Resorts Australia and after about two minutes of chatting with Sarah, I felt instant relief and happiness… this was the place for Jake to be looked after {and loved} while we’re away! {We’re still going to miss him like crazy, but we know he’s going to be in great hands, playing with other puppies – and looked after like we do!}
Pet Resorts Australia has two locations, Dural {kinda like the country holiday resort} and Terrigal {the beach resort – with a pool}. All the facilities and accommodation look amazing, and I’ve been assured {and I truly believe} the animal-loving staff will treat and spoil Jake like he’s their very own.
I love that the resort has extended operating hours 7 days a week, a live-in staff member and an on-call vet service. They also have a pick-up service, which is just genius. They can pick you puppy up at home – or from one of their pick-up points, which are generally from your local vet or big pet store.
I also love this which is on their website…”Whether you require a long or short stay or perhaps a day visit using our doggy day care, we understand the trust and expectations you place on us when leaving your pet in our hands and we aim to exceed those expectations. Cuddles and love aren’t additional extras at Pet Resorts – it’s all part of your pet’s stay. If only your pets could write our testimonials.” And another biggie, they send you little updates on how your puppy is doing! : )
When chatting to the Pet Resorts staff, I asked few questions about Jake’s stay. If you’re going on holidays and have a ‘four legged friend’ who needs to cared for while you’re away, have a read:
1. Do you have any tips for preparing your puppy/dog for their stay with you? Bring the dog for some doggy daycare prior to the stay, this can familiarise the dog with this environment before leaving for the stay.
2. Should you pack anything for their stay with you? You don’t need to pack anything, we supply food, bedding toys etc. They can bring a coat or blanket if they need but we can’t guarantee that everything will be returned the same condition!
3. What will they do on their stay? They have an inside room and courtyard that they have full access to go in and out as they please during the day, at night they are locked inside. They go out into the play yards everyday too.
4. What will they eat? They eat IAMS biscuits mixed with cooked rice/pasta and cooked chicken mince.
5. What’s the maximum time for staying with you? There’s no maximum stay time! We have had dogs stay with us for 6 months and more.
6. What happens if your dog starts to fret? If your dog starts to fret we try everything we can to make their stay more enjoyable. We always give the dog company of a friend if we can. We always make sure they have lots of cuddles, play times, toys and blankets etc. We always contact the owners frequently with updates on how the dog is going and any advice they can give us of something that the dog loves.
For more information, visit http://www.petresortsaustralia.com
+ you can connect with them here
instagram: instagram.com/petresortsau
facebook DURAL: facebook.com/pradural
facebook TERRIGAL: facebook.com/praterrigal
twitter: twitter.com/petresortsau
+ stay tuned, I’m going to posting instagram pix of  Jake’s holiday & his ‘diary’ when we get back!


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